More connections and enhanced usability just for you!

We’ve simplified the connection process for uploading your guest data to Customer Alliance. You can now connect to your PMS or CM from our online backend within a few easy steps.* Within your backend, simply navigate to “General Settings” then choose “Integrations”. From here you can define which PMS/CM you are currently using and would like to connect. If you do not see your PMS/CM on our list, let us know! We are always talking to different providers to expand our connections and improve your reputation management process.

The Benefits

You benefit from this import because you will seamlessly invite guests to review without having to login to the system. You can simply activate the interface and start uploading. Furthermore, we are always enhancing our API capabilities to further improve our connections with PMS/CM. Our end-goal is to reduce the time you spend managing your reviews and increase your time spent enjoying your guests and enhancing their experience.*

Check out the setup now!

*This is limited to PMS and CM with whom Customer Alliance GmbH has an API integration with. We are always happy to contact providers for new interface connections. Simply click the “Contact Customer Care” button in the back-end or ring up your representative directly. 

See what control over your reputation feels like with your 30-day free trial

Start your free trial!

Take 30-days to test our solution and learn the benefit of having a clear overview of your reputation across relevant portals such as Google, TripAdvisor, trivago,, Expedia, and so many more. Furthermore, you have access to all basic functionalities within our solution and our Customer Care team will be available to assist you. Custom invitations to review, integrate your reviews directly within your website via our Widget, and access our robust Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI), Semantics, and statistics for a global view of your reputation. Reputation management should not be complicated, and we work hard to simplify it within a single login.

Get started!

It is as simple as entering your email, a password, and choosing your business on Google Maps. After that, the system is yours for collecting reviews, showcasing them on your website and across the internet, and analyzing your global reputation.

Check-out your online reputation!

Why should you take the free trial?

It’s free access to one of the leading platforms for reputation management in the world. We feature a multitude of integrations with property management systems (PMS) and reputation platforms (such as Google, TripAdvisor, trivago, and HolidayCheck). Within our solution you can collect reviews on external portals as well as directly on your website. When you integrate reviews on your website you increase the trustworthiness of your website and increase the likelihood of them booking directly with our integrated “Book now!” button. Booking directly means less OTA commissions for you!

So, what’re you waiting for? Start your free trial and receive more direct bookings!

Start my trial now!

Are you interested in learning more about our solution? Check out our product tour page!

Our Semantic Analysis extended to Competitors

We enhanced our Competition section  by extending Semantic Analysis to your competition. You can now analyze and compare the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors to your own, based on keywords mentioned about them online. This not only allows you to better understand if and where, but why you are better or worse than your competitor.

Where can I find this information?

  1. Navigate to your Competition section
  2. Choose Semantics from the menu
  3. Here you can choose one of your competitors from the drop-down and see their positive and negative mentions within the table.
  4. If you would like to see examples of those positive and negative mentions, click a keyword from the table and you can see the reviews with the word mentioned below the table.
  5. The keyword will be highlighted within the text.
  6. You can also distinguish between positive and negative reviews by clicking the checkbox for positive or negative. Clicking both checkboxes shows both types of mentions.

But, I do not have a “Competition” section…

If you do not see a “Competition” section in your menu, you either need to upgrade your package to Plus or Premium or send your list of competitors (5 to 10 depending on your package) to Customer Care. Talk to your Customer Care representative today to find out more.

In the meantime, take a look at the new Semantic Analysis

Check it out now!

Welcome Chain Widgets to Customer Alliance

We have released a new chain Widget in Customer Alliance so you can better display your chains reputation on your website. It allows you to display the average rating of multiple properties in one Widget.

How does it work?

Much like your single hotel Widget, the Chain Widget is configured in your Customer Alliance backend. Follow these steps to set-up your Chain Widget:

  • Go to “My Account” in your Customer Alliance Chain-backend
  • Choose “Widget” from the menu
  • Choose the orientation for the Widget
  • Choose the content you would like included on your Widget by checking the boxes
  • See the Chain Widget preview below the boxes
  • When finished, choose “Publish Widget”
  • Send your Webmaster the HTML code for the Widget
  • The Webmaster adds this to your website

You are set to go!

Save time with templates and drafts in Review Analytics

Being from the hospitality industry, we understand the interruptions and chaos surrounding hotel management. You want to show your guests you appreciate their review, but sometimes lack the time to write your response. Sometimes you start responding and are interrupted and need to return to the task later without losing your work. This need is what we had in mind when creating our functionality for templates and drafts for reviews.

Customers mentioned they were saving text in notes on their computer to copy-and-paste when they received reviews. Now, you can easily save and choose from your templates dropdown a pre-written response and quickly respond to guest feedback. Furthermore, you can continue creating new templates directly within the comment and email fields for other users to apply.

Creating a template is simple, follow these steps:

  • Go to your review stream
  • Click the comment icon beneath a review
  • Click “Compose”
  • Type your content into the comment box
  • Name your template by going to the field pictured below


  • Click “Save template”
  • See the template in the dropdown


You can also delegate work without fear or duplicating work through our draft function.

How do I know if a comment or email is drafted or not?

When navigating your review stream, you can see which messages have been responded to by a green check-mark on the comment function. If a draft has been created, you can tell by the yellow icon on the comment function. Reviews without either of these, have not yet been responded to.

Take a look!

Here a comment has been drafted, but not sent:customer-alliance-comments-templates-draft-saved
Here a comment has been sent:


Here no action has been taken on the review:

You can also filter your review stream to see the reviews with a comment sent, drafted, or where no action has been taken at all.

Where all can I use templates and drafts?

Templates and drafts are available in your comment, email, and dispute functions within your Review Analytics backend.

Ready to get started? Login now! If you are still unsure of the functionality, please contact Customer Care and a representative will explain it to you in greater detail.

Email reports in your Review Analytics Chain Backend

This is for you: the chain or consortium user managing more than one property’s reputation. Receive an overview of the key performance indicators (KPIs) most relevant to your chain directly to your inbox. Much like you already do on the individual hotel level, you can choose to receive these email reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. No need to worry about logging in to check your most recent numbers. You can have them sent directly to your inbox according to your schedule.

Great, how do I get started?

Getting started is as easy as logging into your chain backend and following these quick steps:

    1. Go to “Reports”
    2. Choose “Email Reports”
    3. Choose the parameters around which you would like your report formed by checking the box next to the portal(s) and category(ies) to be included
    4. Specify the language of the report
    5. Name the report, this allows you to distinguish it from other reports you might create
    6. Create the subject line for the report, this way you know what it is when it arrives in your inbox
    7. Set the frequency for the report
    8. Choose to whom the report should send
    9. Ensure the report is “active” so you can start receiving it as soon as it is created
    10. Preview the report to ensure it includes what you are looking for
    11. customer-alliance-email-chain-report-preview (1)

    12. All good? Click “Save”

    Now your report is set and ready to go!

    Check out email reports for the chain backend

    Reports for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop
    Report setup screen

Another day, another language ‒ Czech out the Czech language in our Review Analytics backend

Over the past few weeks, we have worked closely with our Eastern European team to prepare our Review Analytics product for the Czech market. You were already collecting reviews in Czech, now you can also manage your reviews in Czech! The Czech language is live on our Review Analytics backend to simplify review management for our valued customers in the Czech Republic.

What does this mean for you?

As a Czech-speaking or Czech-native hotelier, you can manage your online reputation comfortably in your mother-tongue. We took great care in testing and ensuring the implementation of the Czech language in our backend – where you manage reviews within Review Analytics – is intuitive for you.

How do I change my language settings?

We’re sure glad you asked! To change your language settings to Czech:

  • login to Review Analytics
  • go to your name in the top right corner of your dashboard or “home screen”
  • Then choose from the dropdown, “Personal details”
  • From there, choose “čeština” from the dropdown

It’s that simple!

Czech out the Czech language in Review Analytics!

The Czech Overview Section


The Czech Invitation Settings


Collect more Google reviews with our direct Google questionnaire from Review Analytics

Over the past year, we’ve worked to grow our partnerships with the most relevant review portals for your applicable markets; as part of this, we have partnered with Google. Through this partnership, we can offer a Google API for you to redirect your guests directly to a Google questionnaire within Review Analytic’s distribution settings and see relevant data regarding your Google reviews within the statistics-section. This API allows you to further your visibility on the most-used search engine worldwide.

What does this mean?

You read that right. When your guests arrive at the “thank you” page after completing your questionnaire, they can directly share that review to Google in one click. This auto-populates Google’s form with the review data from your questionnaire powered by Review Analytics, which simplifies the process for your customer to leave their review in both places. A simplified process increases the likelihood your guest will complete it. That means you will generate two reviews from one email – which leads to an increase in return rates, reviews, visibility, and revenue!

Furthermore, the Google API provides a smoother review process when redirecting your guests to Google via the standard redirect settings.

These updates extend your review-potential on Google by optimizing when and how you send your guests there for the greatest return rates.

Optimize your Google potential in “Distribution”

To ensure your collecting as many reviews on Google as possible, follow these steps:

    1. Go to your “Distribution” section
    2. Go to “Settings” within “Distribution”
    3. Choose the second option, “Customer Alliance and other portals”Google-1
    4. If you have not already, add Google as a portal by clicking “Add Portal”
    5. Set the distribution percentage to Google
    6. Check the box to “redirect guests with Gmail addresses to Google”
    7. Click “Next”
    8. Ensure the second checkbox (leave a Google review after submitting a Customer Alliance questionnaire) is checked
    9. Click “Finish”

Remember: the more opportunities you provide your guests to review on Google, the greater your potential for high return-rates.

an increase in return rates, reviews, visibility, and revenue!

But wait, there’s more!

The API also provides better statistics on your Google review requests. Specifically, significant data on your return rates. Now you can track your return rates for your Google review invitations similar to your HolidayCheck, TripAdvisor, and Customer Alliance reviews. This also improves the accuracy of your general return rate featured in the Overview section. With these statistics you can learn how successful your redirection settings are. Do you need to increase your percentage or are you receiving your ideal response rate? We have simplified not only the review collection process, but also the analysis. Managing your Google reputation has never been easier!


Using ‘Google My Business’ for hotels

Google plays a central role in any business’s success or failure and the influence of search engines means hotels are more visible than ever. Use this to your advantage by using the resources made available by Google, such as Google My Business. Playing the Google game can bring benefits, even for the smallest hotel.

Ready for the benefits?

Setting up your Google My Business Account: here’s how!

My Business helps your guests easily find, review, and/or rate your hotel via any of Google’s applications.

Here are the four steps for creating your account:

  1. Go to this ‘Google My Business’:
  2. Click, start now
  3. Add your business including your name, location details, main number, and type of business – they even include a range of different types of hotels from boutique to budget, to conference, and so much more.
  4. Verify your business via your choice of: phone, email, or regular mail
  5. Start using it!

What can I do within Google My Business?

The information that you add in the Google My Business page will be directly shown in the Google Search results and in Google Maps. You add your company’s opening hours, phone number, website URL, pictures, and any additional details you want to make easily accessible to guests. Probably the most important aspect of your Google My Business account is the ability for your guest reviews to appear directly in Maps or Search results.

Within Google My Business, you can see extensive analytics on people’s interactions with your hotel via Google. Whether a person tries to find you on Google Maps, views your Google Listing from Search, clicks on your phone number from Search, or visits your website – you can see it from the Dashboard. Check out the Google My Business page for details on the benefits!

How does this help my hotel?

Well, having a Google My Business account makes your hotel website more easily accessible by appearing within Google Search listings. Potential guests can easily click “visit website” or “call” straight from Search. This increases the likelihood of these guests to not only view the reviews you’ve incorporated into your website, but also book directly with you instead of through a commissioned OTA.


For more on how Google My Business helps your hotel, read our article on Google Reviews here.

Information gathered from Google My Business Benefits page.

Have you noticed we’ve had some work done?

We worked hard this summer to update Review Analytics – now, our looks are on paar with the functionality you love! No need to learn anything new, as the overall functionality of Review Analytics is the same, we just changed the aesthetics with some new colors and enhanced usability for all devices.

What has changed exactly?

Well, have a look at the included screenshots. Everything is exactly where you left it, but it went on vacation and came back looking fresh. Every function and feature works just the same and all of your data has not moved. The difference is you can now access Review Analytics easily from your phone or tablet, which means fewer trips back to your office during the workday to check-in on reviews. You can now manage your reviews during a coffee-break or while waiting on the elevator from the comfort of your cell phone or tablet.

What does responsive mean?

Responsive is the technical term for optimizing a website for all devices, not simply computers. When we made Review Analytics responsive, we updated the solution so you interact with it easily from any of your devices without visual or interactive difficulties. This was a user experience update to enhance your overall engagement with Review Analytics and mobilize you to manage your online reputation from anywhere – not just your desk!

We are the same product you know and love, now looking a bit fresher!

Take a look at our new style!

Your Overview Section

Your Mobile

Enhanced partnership with TripAdvisor

The tourism and hospitality industry is no stranger to the influence TripAdvisor has on traveler’s booking decisions. This is why we’ve gone to great lengths to strengthen our partnership with the travel giant, TripAdvisor, to amplify our customer’s reputation on their ever-relevant portal. The Customer Alliance-TripAdvisor partnership allows our customers to receive more reviews on TripAdvisor.

How does it work?

The TripAdvisor review form is embedded into Review Analytics to ease the collection of TripAdvisor reviews. Your guest no longer needs to register and create a TripAdvisor account before writing a review; instead, this will be done automatically for the guest, making leaving a review much easier. This will increase your review return rate as more guests leave their review on TripAdvisor.

Guest data between Customer Alliance and TripAdvisor will only be shared if the guest agrees to it.

How can I get started?

Well, there are two ways you can take advantage of our TripAdvisor widget:
1. Through offering an additional questionnaire within the “Thank You” page
2. Through your general redirect settings

For the former (1), your guests complete the standard questionnaire created within Review Analytics after which they’re offered the option to submit a review directly on TripAdvisor as well. They will be lead directly to the TripAdvisor questionnaire which will be pre-populated with the information they provided during their initial review. Then they simply submit their review!

For the latter option (2), you would use the new distribution option from within your “Distribution Settings” to send your guests directly to TripAdvisor. However, through our new TripAdvisor widget, the guest first completes their review and then just needs to add their missing details (name, city, etc.) to quickly register and create their TripAdvisor account.

Basically, the entire process of leaving a TripAdvisor review is simplified by copying the guest data (name, email, city, etc.) provided by you – the hotel – in Review Analytics into your guests TripAdvisor questionnaire. This increases the likelihood of guests leaving a review because a simpler process always yields better results.

Please note: when you choose to redirect to TripAdvisor in any way (directly or through the “Thank You” page), you will not be able to redirect anywhere else as long as TripAdvisor is activated. You can always change this again to adapt to your strategy for where you want to collect reviews.

Activate TripAdvisor now

Activate TripAdvisor now
Please note: if you were already sending guests to TripAdvisor, you need to re-activate it as all settings were reset. To do that login in your backend and click on Distribution / Settings.

  1. Go to your “Distribution” section
  2. Go to “Settings” within “Distribution”
  3. Choose the first option, “CA & TripAdvisor”
  4. Approve the “Terms and Conditions” by adding your first and last name, checking the box, and adding your hotels’ TripAdvisor URL*
  5. Set the percentages for distribution to Customer Alliance & TripAdvisor
  6. Ensure you are still distributing your Customer Alliance reviews to Trivago
  7. Click “Finish”

*TripAdvisor will approve the setup within 36 hours. We recommend you go ahead and finalize the set-up process. This way when it is approved, you will start collecting TripAdvisor reviews immediately.

It just keeps getting better…

Due to the widget, you’ll see your return-rate for your TripAdvisor review invitations in the backend moving forward. This shows you how many of your guests go to TripAdvisor and leave their review after you have invited them!

Take a look at our TripAdvisor partnership!

The “Thank You” page with the TripAdvisor invitation:


TripAdvisor’s questionnaire:

customer-alliance-review-analytics-TA questionnaire

Facebook – now a unique source in your Review Analytics backend

We have improved our Facebook integration enabling you to oversee your Facebook reviews directly within Review Analytics. The reviews are accessible from your review stream and the statistics are visible within both your overview and statistics sections.

Facebook is arguably the most relevant social media portal and a major influence in travelers decision-making. It provides users with trusted opinions from people just like them. Our improved connection allows you extended overview of your ratings in context with other platforms – further reducing your time spent checking and comparing this portals’ reviews.

Login to your Review Analytics backend and see the difference.

Invite your entire team to manage your reputation and bookings – unlimited users with Customer Alliance!

Incorporate your whole team or the key players into your Customer Alliance products without any extra fees! We removed all user restrictions and pricing associated with more users. Add the team members or departments you want into your Review Analytics or Booked user management and enjoy the benefits of better collaboration and improved efficiency within the product.
Instead of one login credential for your entire property, you can now create an individual login for each department or employee. This allows everyone to share in the responsibility of managing reviews.
Login and start adding your users today!

HolidayCheck focuses on Polish and German markets – shuts down .com and .fr sites

To focus their site languages on German and Polish, HolidayCheck closed their .com site and will close their .fr site by September 30th 2016.

What exactly does this mean for you?

Your hotel will still be displayed and bookable on their site, but only your German and Polish reviews will be displayed. Reviews on either of the closing sites (.com or .fr) are no longer collected or displayed.

Potential guests will find and book with you through the .de, .at, .ch, and .pl sites. For this reason, it is still really important to distribute your German and Polish speaking guests to HolidayCheck for a review. HolidayCheck remains the premier review portal for these regions.

Hotels from all of the world are still bookable through this site. Continue distributing your German and Polish speaking guests here. The more reviews you have on HolidayCheck the more visible you are for German and Polish guests.

What about my current reviews on the .com and .fr sites?

Unfortunately, HolidayCheck will not transfer reviews from the closing sites to the remaining sites. Reviews from those sites are lost.

How can I keep from losing reviews?

Avoid losing your reviews by only distributing German and Polish-speaking guests to this portal. Adjust any current distribution settings for your French and English speaking guests so they are not distributed to this portal.

What Customer Alliance is doing to help?

In an effort to do the best for our customers, we are doing the following to ensure you maximize your review potential on HolidayCheck:

  • Adding an information button on our backend reminding you of this adjustment
  • Removing the ability for you to generally redirect guests to this portal, it will now only be possible by language distribution
  • Allowing the language distribution to this portal only for the languages in use – German and Polish
  • Showing the HolidayCheck questionnaire in only German and Polish

Remember: collecting reviews on this portal benefits you greatly and increases the likelihood of guests from this region booking with you via the portal.

In a nutshell:

HolidayCheck is exclusively beneficial for your German and Polish speaking guests. Continue distributing those guests to this prominent portal to increase your presence in these regions.

Never stop improving: single login for Customer Alliance products

Our mission is to give you full control over your reputation and bookings. As part of our mission, we recently launched our Hospitality Control Panel providing our clients the best solution for managing their online reputation, bookings, and revenue through our products Review Analytics, Booked, and Price Analytics. As always, we introduced Control Panel as part of a greater improvement. In the coming weeks, the single login will take Control Panel one step further, allowing our clients to access Booked and Review Analytics through one interface, simplifying the navigation between solutions.

How it works

You login from the same screen with the same credentials, then navigate between the solutions by simply clicking the logo dropdown at the top of your screen.

Single login is aimed at improving the accessibility of our solutions and streamlining your workflow.

Stay tuned: our responsive redesign for Review Analytics is coming soon! The responsive redesign makes Review Analytics easily accessible from all devices – mobiles, tablets, and desktops; just like Booked.

Customer Alliance enters the Polish market!

The front- and back- end of Review Analytics and Booked are now provided in Polish, in case you did not notice the addition within our website language dropdown. Our Eastern European Country Manager, Jolanta Emerli, worked diligently with our Communications and UX team to prepare our solutions and website for the new market with Polish on the front- and backend. Previously, our Review Analytics solution offered Polish as a frontend language (i.e. content sent to guests and/or customers could be sent in Polish), and now the backend is also available in Polish.

We are excited about expanding our markets further and offering our solutions in Polish is a step towards helping more businesses across the hospitality industry seize control of their online reputation and bookings.

Check out the Polish backend:
Your Review Analytics backend and frontend Widget

Review Analytics Widget

Your Booked backend


Stay tuned as we introduce more languages into our solutions. Another step in helping you gain control of your online reputation and bookings.

TripAdvisor City Rankings

In January of this year, TripAdvisor began the implementation of their new algorithm for Popularity Rankings and by April this was applied to hotels, restaurants, and other attractions. They decided to transform their Popularity Ranking algorithm to provide more dependable, real data to their users instead of data that might be skewed by “fast risers,” to use their terminology.

So, if you noticed your ranking recently fell on TripAdvisor, keep reading to learn why and how to overcome this.

What this means for your property:

Through this update TripAdvisor re-emphasizes the importance of steadily acquiring reviews and engaging with guests. The more new reviews you have, the greater the chance of appearing better ranked on TripAdvisor. If you fail to consistently collect reviews from your guests, your ranking will fall.

city rankings

city rankings

See how Hotel 2 dropped in TripAdvisor rankings due to infrequent reviews in conjunction with only two bad reviews. Meanwhile, Hotel 1 continued with frequent reviews and maintained a solid position.

How do I improve my City Rank?

Quality, recency, and quantity are crucial to moving up or continuing with a positive city ranking. Ensure your property acquires good, recent, and many reviews to stay at the top. With Review Analytics, you have the solution to overcome the changes to TripAdvisor by maintaining and improving your reputation through automated processes.

Read more on the reasons for the change on TripAdvisor.

Interested in changing your rankings across online portals? Talk to a Customer Alliance representative about our online reputation management solution, Review Analytics, today:

Out with the old, in with the new- Review Analytics Widgets update!

With the New Year, we like to say “out with the old, in with the new.” Especially new are our JavaScript Widgets in Review Analytics! Your Widget now moves with your website visitors as they navigate your page- keeping your reputation in their sight.

What does this mean for you?

An updated Widget Generator! You determine when your Widget appears on your website, on which side of the screen your Widget appears on your website, and you specify what exactly you want shown within the Widget.

Conversion oriented:With our new Widgets, the Customer Satisfaction Index is visible at all times as an overlay on your website. This provides guests more chances to click on your Booking button.

Displaying the Widget with your reviews improves client-trust in your website authenticity.

But most importantly, this Widget update increases the visibility of your customer satisfaction index and respectively the potential for more direct bookings.

Why did we do it?

The tech side: Until now, Widgets were integrated as a .png images, static and stationary on your hotel website. Once your webmaster decided on a position or color, it remained until he or she applied a new change.

The new Widgets use JavaScript and are more interactive – which allows guests to rollover it and see more details about your hotel; better still, you can update your preferences on your own after the Widget is installed on your website. This saves you and your webmaster a lot of time and offers a better user experience to your visitors.

Check out the update now!

JavaScript Widgets

Convert website visits into bookings with Booked!

We want you to get Booked! You are invited to sign up for your 14-day free trial with our internet booking engine, Booked. Receive bookings while keeping guests engaged with your website, reducing your reliance on external portals, and further promoting direct bookings through your booking Widget.

We designed Booked to be simple and responsive for you and your customers. This means your booking portal is compatible with all screens. Whether PC or smartphone, your guests can see and interact hassle-free with our solution!

Booked goes beyond reservations, it provides valuable insights into rates and marketing potential. You can view real-time analysis of your property status ‒ from booking preferences to house availability, you have it all directly at your fingertips!

Best of all: up-selling your services goes smoothly during the booking process. Drive direct bookings and earn more money with Booked!

internet booking engine

Customer Alliance Product Newsletter

Great news! We launched our Customer Alliance Product Newsletter to keep you informed on our product updates and industry news!

The newsletter arrives once a month to your inbox highlighting what is new with Review Analytics and Booked, as well as, any other publications we release throughout the month.

We want you as informed as possible so you can succeed!

Subscribe now and stay up-to-date!

December 2015 Newsletter
Not a Customer Alliance user yet, but interested in improving your online reputation? Get a free live demo with one of our consultants!

Customer Alliance Customer Referral Program

The Customer Referral Program connects fellow hoteliers and businesses to Customer Alliance directly through your recommendation! As a “thank you,” when the referred business commits to a contract for our product, you will see four months rewarded on the following invoice.

You already know how Review Analytics improves your visibility across the web, transforms your online reputation, and expedites the review process. You experienced the benefits of selecting us as your review management system. You share ideas and recommendations with colleagues and friends━ why not earn rewards for sharing your Review Analytics experience with others in your industry?

How does it work?

The process

When logged into your Review Analytics backend, simply navigate to Four Free Months, input the contact information for the business you are referring, and submit.

Our sales team will reach out to your contact and schedule a talk or demo providing a detailed insight of our different products. Once they start the collaboration with one of our products, we update you via email and reward you four months of free service.

It’s that simple!

Who should you refer?

Any business you believe would benefit from our products. From hotels to restaurants to universities, businesses across the hospitality industry find our products beneficial to their success.

You can submit as many references as you would like and earn rewards repeatedly for each new referral!

We appreciate your support and business with Customer Alliance!

Not a Customer Alliance user yet, but interested in improving your online reputation? Get a free live demo with one of our consultants!

Explore new language options to collect and display your online reviews!

Today, we present two new language options providing the opportunity to improve your return rates and personalized customer approach. You can now send questionnaires and receive reviews in Finnish and Norwegian to widen your online audience.

Optimizing your language options within Review Analytics raises the potential for higher return rates of your post-stay review questionnaire. This opens your doors to guests in other regions exploring these reviews and booking rooms; which, as a result, broadens your client-base and increases your revenue.

We understand the need to reach as many clients as possible, and growing the language options within the frontend is just one way we do this.

Learn more about the benefits of an individualized approach to your international customers here.

Take a look at the new languages!

We adapted the design to correspond with each language’s readability.

Your widget and certificate page:

Finnish and Norwegian

Your post-stay e-mail:

Finnish and Norwegian

Your questionnaire:

Finnish and Norwegian

Not a Customer Alliance user yet, but interested in improving your online reputation? Get a free live demo with one of our consultants!

June 2015 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

Improvements to your “Semantics” section

We’ve improved your “Semantics” page, providing more complete information with a semantic analysis of your reviews on external portals, in addition to your Customer Alliance reviews.

In response to customer requests, we’ve also brought back your “Word Cloud”. This feature helps you visualize your strengths and weaknesses by presenting to you the words that most arise in your reviews, in varied sizes and colors.

Questionnaire feature – Now optional comment box

We have a new feature for your questionnaire. You now have the option of removing the comment boxes which accompany your questions rated on a 5-point scale.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

Not a Customer Alliance user yet, but interested in improving your online reputation? Get a free live demo with one of our consultants!

May 2015 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

New Questionnaire features

We’ve added some new features to your questionnaire. You can now add sub-questions to your main questions (rated on a 5-point scale), for more detailed reviews. You can also create conditional questions, which will allow you to get more specific feedback from certain guest segments.

Discover your new features in “My Account”>”Questionnaire”.

New Instant Survey

We now offer an Instant Survey, available with our updated Premium Pack. This Instant Survey permits you to catch problems early on and to improve your guests’ experience while they are still with you. With this feature, you can create a mini-questionnaire or a simple question to submit to your guests during their stay, providing you with instant and up-to-date feedback.

For more information about this feature or to get started with your Instant Survey, please contact your account manager. We’ll be happy to get you started!

We hope you enjoy the updates!

Not a Customer Alliance user yet, but interested in improving your online reputation? Get a free live demo with one of our consultants!

April 2015 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product update implemented this month!

Updated Email Reports Section

In the “Email Reports” tab of your “Reports” section, you can now add, edit and/or delete your email reports.

This section has been redesigned so that you can customize your reports to your hotel and team’s specific needs.

You can determine which criteria and portals you would like to receive information about, and be notified weekly or monthly when reviews concerning those criteria are published on those portals.

For example, send a report about cleanliness to my housekeeping team every Monday 8am. Or send me and my managers a summary of my results for the previous month, so I can plan the next one.

For your Customer Alliance reviews you can set your reporting to receive immediately after a review has been published, so you can initiate internal actions or reply to your guests straight away.

Just find your desired option under the “Actions” column, or create new reports below.

We hope you like it!
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February 2015 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

Unpublished Customer Alliance reviews now included in your email reports

In the reports which you can export from the “Reports” section, you can now also view the information concerning still unpublished Customer Alliance reviews. These are either reviews which have been left as In-house feedback but are not yet published on your Certificate (because your guest has not yet confirmed them via e-mail), or e-mail reviews which are not yet published because of the three-day delay.

You can choose to view these reviews for a more up-to-date report of your internal feedback on the Customer Alliance questionnaire.

Updated overview for your email reports

The table containing the list of the email reports you have set up in the past has been updated. With the new layout, it is easier for you to differentiate the reports. You can easily determine which reports are sent immediately, daily or weekly, and which concern Customer Alliance reviews or external portal reviews.

New “Comment” redirection link for external portals

On your Review Stream in the “Reviews” section, the “comment” function has been optimized for reviews received from external portals. By selecting “comment”, you will now be redirected directly to the relevant external portal to write your comment from your own profile. This feature is available for the following portals: TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck, Booking, HRS, Expedia, Agoda, Yelp, and Zoover.

Overview section updates

  • New “Overview” section date filter
    You can now filter all the visible statistics of your Overview by time period.
  • Comment rates on your “Overview“ table
    This new column will help you keep track of the percentage of guest reviews you’re responding to.
  • Comparison line on your “Average rating of new reviews over time” chart
    Compare your current performance to your performance at any other period in time.

Questionnaire sub-criteria chart

A more visual chart of sub-criteria ratings, visually dividing your reviews into positive, neutral and negative.

New “Review ratings over time” chart

This chart enables a better, more immediate understanding of what your guests are saying, visually dividing your reviews into positive, neutral and negative.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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January 2015 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

Questionnaire and “Thank You” page settings: more options available

You now have more settings options for your questionnaire and for the “Thank You” page your customers are redirected to, after leaving a review.

Along with the text personalization (which was enabled last week), it’s now also possible to customize the personal information fields (age group, username), as well as other elements, such as the visibility of the social sharing icons and the Newsletter sign-up option.

Individual reviews: additional portals available

You can now see your individual reviews on three new portals: hotelspecials, hotelreservierung, and hostelbookers.

Log-in page: New “Remember me” Feature

We’ve now implemented a “Remember me” feature on your Review Analytics log-in page, giving you the option to stay logged in to your account on your computer for up to a month.

Questionnaire settings: New text editing function

From now on, you’ll find even more detailed individualization functions for your questionnaire texts. The introductory sentences, as well as parts of the “Thank you page” where customers who submitted reviews are then led, are also editable! You can choose to leave the texts we’ve provided or to change them to personalize your message.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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December 2014 Product Updates

We are excited to provide a brief recap of the updates implemented during this month!

New Certificate for chain hotels

For our customers with several hotels, this week we introduce the chain certificate. With this new option, allow your customers to see your reviews for all of your individual hotels, filter them, and book their favorite one, all in one central place.

Your Facebook chain-app has already been updated to the new design. Now you can customize your certificate, which will appear both on your website-certificate and Facebook app. You can also choose whether or not you want to present your individual logo alongside your chain’s.

Now available- analysis of still unpublished Customer Alliance reviews

In the Customer Alliance statistics, you can now also analyze reviews that have not yet been published.

Reviews are automatically published after three days or, if the review was submitted via the In-House Feedback tool, published when the customer confirms their review via email.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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November 2014 Product Updates

We are excited to provide a brief recap of the updates implemented during this month!

New design update on the Questionnaire and In-House Feedback: rating points

In the last weeks, we tested how to increase the response rate for the Questionnaire- one of the most important parts of Review Analytics. Following the remarkable results of these tests, our rating bars have been replaced by rating points making it easier for guests to evaluate your services.


New language filter in Semantic Analysis: Italian

From now on, all Italian reviews can also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses.
Until now, only German, English, French and Spanish reviews could be analysed, but now Italian words also appear on the mentions table.


We hope you enjoy the updates!

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October 2014 Product Updates

We are delighted to provide a brief recap of the updates implemented during this month!

The XML API documentation updated and available in German

Some weeks ago, we updated our XML API documentation. Reviews can now be ordered by review rating and by date, in ascending or descending order.

You can also show reviews between custom date ranges. The API can return reviews before a given end date, after a given start date, or between a date rang. It can also return all reviews since a given number of months (i.e. show all reviews from 48 months ago).

Additionally, you can specify the number of results returned, i.e. show 10 reviews at a time.

Last week, we extended the API with a new language filter and translated the documentation into German. To make use of the new XMP API features, please contact the Support Team.


New Channel for the Social Media Monitor: Instagram

In addition to Facebook. Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare, and Flickr, the Social Media Monitor in Review Analytics now also gives you the results for Instragram postings.


Widget: design update for Widgets with 50px height

In August, we updated the Widget design used to publish reviews on your website. We completed the final phase of this update allowing for a smaller Widget design with just 50px height. If you wish to select a small Widget for your website, simply select it in the Widget-Generator by reducing the content from “content to be displayed.” Reduce to “display total of reviews” and “display total number of portals,” then you can check the function “use minimal height.”


New front-end Languages: Serbian and Swedish

We have extended the number of front-end languages from 12 to 14, adding Serbian and Swedish. These languages are visible in parts of the system that your customer sees such as: invitation emails, the Widget, the certificate, and the Facebook application.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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September 2014 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

New design and improved usability for your Facebook chain App

Now your Facebook users can navigate more easily through your Hotels reviews. No matter if your Chain has 4 or 200 Hotels, your potential guests will always have an organized overview guided by each Hotel’s logo, Customer Satisfaction Index and booking button.

They can also filter your Chain reviews by language, type and which Hotel it was given to. Additionally, your users can choose to see all your Hotels informations displayed on a single page.

New design and more information in your email notifications

From now on, your email notification brings more detailed and better visualized information directly to your inbox.

In one simple overview, you can read all of your reviews text and detailed criteria, as well as the number of new reviews received on Customer Alliance and external portals.

This will keep you up to date about your Hotel or Chain’s reputation status and give you quick access to answer to each specific review from your online backend.

New sheet available on the Excel Report: yearly overview

There is now a new yearly overview sheet available for the Excel report. It shows detailed monthly statistics for this year and yearly statistics for previous years.

The XML API has been updated

Reviews can be now ordered by review rating (ascending or descending) and by date (ascending or descending). You can also show reviews between custom date ranges.

The API can return reviews before a given end date, after a given start date or between two dates. It can also return all reviews since a given number of months ago (i.e. show all reviews since 48 months ago).

Additionally, you can specify the number of results to return in a request – which is very useful for pagination .i.e show 10, 20 or 50 reviews.

To make use of the new XMP API features please contact the support team for further details.

Usability improvement on the Review Stream

Now your Holidaycheck reviews can be viewed directly in the Holidaycheck portal, within one click. The link in “Details” at the top left leads you directly to the specific review.

Extended login possibility on your In House Feedback

From now on, all Review Analytics managers can grant access to other users, so that they can login on the In House Feedback. You can find this option under the “User management” section and update their permissions at any time.

Quality seal (widget): design update

Since August, our customers have the possibility to design their own widgets and customize their elements, size and header color.

After a month of time to replace them manually, we automatically updated all of the old ones, to extend its benefits across all hotels. The only exception are the ones with 50px height, that will be updated within the next weeks.

You can customize your own quality seal (widget) under “My account” section.

New language available for the Holidaycheck-questionnaire: Spanish

The Holidaycheck questionnaire is now available in Spanish.

Distribution section update: Trivago-redirection has been assigned to Customer Alliance

Due to a change of the Trivago policies it is no longer possible to leave reviews on the portal Trivago anymore. For this reason, we have removed Trivago from the Distribution settings and redistributed any previously assigned Trivago percentages to Customer Alliance.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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August 2014 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

New backend language available: Dutch

Now all Dutch hotels can use Review Analytics on their mother language.

New salutation on the “guests” section: Mrs and Mr

From now on, our system allows you to be more precise when adding a new guest in the system. Now you can choose between “Family” and “Mrs and Mr”.

Responsive login page

Our login page is now optimized to be viewed on tablets and mobile phones.

Customizable newsletter sign-up text

Now each hotel can have a different text to describe the newsletter subscription checkbox on the questionnaire. Additionally, the new fields also accept an automatic or individual translation.

Improved navigation on the review details

New “Next” and “Previous” Buttons (little arrows on the left and right side of the review-details-pop-up) allow to navigate easier from one review to another.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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July 2014 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

New newsletter section and filter functions in the Chain Backend

Now it’s possible to manage and export the newsletter subscriptions for all hotels that are part of a chain in one single page

Individual reviews for bestday + pricetravel available

Now your review stream also displays reviews submited via and

New XML-Feed for the integration on your website

Additionally to the XML-Feed of your CA-reviews, now the statistics for external portals are also available in XML format and can be embedded on your own website. To get the new XML-Feed please contact our support-team.

Usability improvement on your questionnaire settings

Now the order of criterias and individual questions can be changed via drag and drop.

New backend language available: Italian

Now all Italian hotels can use Review Analytics on their mother language

We hope you enjoy the updates!

Not a Customer Alliance user yet, but interested in improving your online reputation? Get a free live demo with one of our consultants!