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Access the best businesses for your hotel with the Customer Alliance Marketplace

At Customer Alliance, we strive to provide you the resources for gaining control of your business and part of this mission is giving you easy access to our partners and their solutions. Now we are connecting you directly with our partners through our Marketplace so you can profit from their solutions more easily.

We often receive requests via our Customer Care and Sales teams for who we recommend for different aspects of hospitality management from PMS systems to Channel Managers to consultants. With these suggestions, we furthered our partnerships with technology businesses across the industry for your benefit.

You rely on us to ensure you have more time for your guests and their needs. Our Marketplace is our way of reducing the time you spend researching solutions to improve the efficiency of your business and reduce the time you spend away from your guests on that research. Find the right partner for your business in the Customer Alliance Marketplace and rest easy knowing the best businesses are at your fingertips.


Looking for the right solution for your business? Check out the Marketplace at Customer Alliance and connect with the right businesses today!

Welcome to the Customer Alliance Marketplace

Access the best businesses for your hotel with the Customer Alliance Marketplace

At Customer Alliance, we strive to provide you the resources for gaining control of your business and part of this mission is giving you easy access to our partners and their solutions. Now we are connecting you directly with our partners through our Marketplace so you can profit from their solutions more easily.

We often receive requests via our Customer Care and Sales teams for who we recommend for different aspects of hospitality management from PMS systems to Channel Managers to consultants. With these suggestions, we furthered our partnerships with technology businesses across the industry for your benefit.

You rely on us to ensure you have more time for your guests and their needs. Our Marketplace is our way of reducing the time you spend researching solutions to improve the efficiency of your business and reduce the time you spend away from your guests on that research. Find the right partner for your business in the Customer Alliance Marketplace and rest easy knowing the best businesses are at your fingertips.


Looking for the right solution for your business? Check out the Marketplace at Customer Alliance and connect with the right businesses today!

Redirect guests to Google for their reviews and improve your rankings!

With Customer Alliance, you can distribute your customers with Gmail addresses to Google for their reviews. This allows you to become more present on external portals by collecting more reviews and increasing your review-score.


What are the benefits of redirecting to Google?

When you increase the number of reviews you have on Google, you increase your exposure and SEO ranking. Google displays review scores and comments on its’ search results page, within Google maps, and on Google Local pages. This expands your exposure and the exposure of your reviews– the more people see and like your reviews, the more likely they are to book with your property.

Great, how do I do it?

From your Distribution settings in Review Analytics, you check the box next to “Redirect all guests with a Gmail email address to Google.” This automatically sends those guests to Google for the review process of your business.

How does that work with my other distribution settings?

For more information on the benefits of Google reviews, check out our recent article here or read our brief one-pager on your distribution options through Customer Alliance.

Why WhatsApp could revolutionize your guest communication

WhatsApp for hotels

Let’s talk about messaging

The hospitality industry faces challenges as travelers become more accustomed to modern communication technologies. The classic email communication appears slow in its execution and, therefore, gets replaced by modern messaging services.
Many young travelers use messaging services outside of email as their main mode of communication, and WhatsApp leads the market as the predominant messaging service worldwide. This awareness should be applied to communication between hotels and their guests. By simply displaying the WhatsApp logo on the website homepage alongside a mobile number, any hotel guest or potential hotel guest can quickly access the information and begin communicating with the hotel directly.


  • WhatsApp allows the hotel to quickly respond to any inquiry
  • Pre-screen content and filter it into specific folders (i.e. holiday packages, special events, etc.) to use for later marketing campaigns
  • Free messaging worldwide
  • Easy-to-use, no extended staff training required
  • The contact import is simple to use, you will find notifications who else uses WhatsApp
  • Another plus, is the possibility to create groups with certain interests and needs that can be handled individually ( Packages, Weekend offers)


Using WhatsApp is to everyone’s advantage as it is a quick and easy to set up communication tool. An added benefit: send links to your direct booking engine via WhatsApp for fast, convenient, commission-free direct bookings.
Younger generations ( “Millennials“, Generation “Y“) are used to modern technologies. They expect quick results, and through WhatsApp the Front Desk meets this expectation and reacts in no time. It will lead to a “mobile-relationship“ with guests.
The hotel can use WhatsApp to share text messages, videos, podcasts, promotions, and, of course, booking links. It’s not meant to substitute previous or other communication channels, it’s more an addition to enhance your current marketing strategy.
WhatsApp has the potential to update people on a highly personalised level and it can increase dramatically your guest satisfaction.

Other messaging apps

Of course there are other messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Google Allo, but we focus on WhatApp within this article because it’s the most popular worldwide. If you would like to read more about other apps, please let us know! We will be pleased to research and write more about them to empower your hotel marketing strategy.

In the meantime, talk to one of our consultants. We will be very happy to help you find what works for YOUR business.





Is your online reputation in shape for summer reservations?

online reputation

Is your online reputation in shape for summer reservations?

It’s that time of the year again. The first rays of sunlight touch the ground and travelers around the globe start planning their summer holidays. As these travelers research for the perfect hotel for their getaway, you want to ensure they easily find and chose you instead of your competitor.

It’s not news to you that a strong online reputation influences the decision of whether or not to book a room. These travelers you are trying to reach are more likely to book with a well-ranked hotel than with a poorly ranked one. In conjunction with this, they like to be reassured by reading positive first-hand accounts of a hotel before committing.

The better you distribute and interact with these reviews, the better your online reputation will be – and this again will further increase your chances to be selected and booked. The more positive reviews floating online for your hotel, the more likely you will be found, noticed, and booked.

First summer reservations are rolling in, and it is crucial for you to get your online reviews and reputation in shape before the season really kicks-in. Don’t worry, it’s not too late!

If you want to find out how you can further condition and strengthen your online reputation in time for the busy summer season, read our full article on the topic here!

Remind guests of pending review invitations with the Re-invitation function!

Never miss a review with Review Analytics!

With your success and return-rates in mind, we implemented the re-invitation function into Review Analytics’ backend. Now, if guests do not engage with your initial invitation e-mail, you can send a re-invitation reminding them of their pending review!

At Customer Alliance, we recognize consistency is key when you are contacting people. Some people respond best while the stay is fresh in their mind, and others when reminded at a later point. Ultimately, we want your questionnaire return-rates the best possible and offering the reminder e-mail option increases your response potential.

We know a our better-than-average return-rates are nice, but why settle for nice? At Customer Alliance, we believe in “better than yesterday.” We took this belief and boosted the success rate of post-stay questionnaires by adding the re-invitation option.

What exactly is the re-invitation?

The re-invitation is a second e-mail, composed by you, reminding the guest to complete the review questionnaire received after their stay. You control whether a reminder e-mail is sent, the content within, and the delivery timeframe. You choose to either manually manage your re-invitations or automate the process. The new function can be turned on or off at your discretion.

What does this mean for you?

Well, more reviews, of course! In turn, more reviews generate a stronger online presence; which, broadens your customer-base and, in effect, increases your overall revenue.

What is different?

Your backend had a tune-up. We optimized the Invitation Settings screen for the re-invitation function. Upon enabling the re-invitation, you can edit and adjust the content and settings for the re-invitation.

We heard your requests for this feature, researched the best practices and approach, and are now very excited to introduce the re-invitation feature into Review Analytics.

Don’t miss an opportunity to boost your visibility!

Check out the update now!

Re-invitation function

Viktoria’s internship experience at Customer Alliance

Viktoria Mosaidou, originally from Salonica, Greece, studies Communication Design at the BTK – Hochschule für Gestaltung – in Berlin. After six months working with Customer Alliance, Viktoria, our lovely design intern, said goodbye to us in order to continue her studies. However, before she left, we asked her to share her impressions and feelings regarding her experience as a Customer Alliance intern. Here is our interview with her:

Internship Experience at Customer Alliance

When did you start with Customer Alliance and in which department?

I applied for the Graphic Design Internship in the Communications & UX Department at Customer Alliance. I started working in October 2015 for a period of six months.

What were your responsibilities?

I was supporting Henriette, our Senior Designer. I had to make sure that the Customer Alliance design guidelines were properly applied everywhere within all the materials and resources that Customer Alliance is promoting. My biggest challenge was to interact with other departments. This is something that really helped me to communicate with other colleagues, that are doing something completely different from what I’m doing. Before, I didn’t know that the design department was so interconnected with other departments.

How did you learn about Customer Alliance?

I was looking for a Graphic Design Internship and I wanted to stay in Berlin, as my University is also located here. In the end, I found it through Google. I did some research on their webpage and on social media, and I felt that it was a company where I could learn a lot. At first it was very challenging for me, because Customer Alliance is not a graphic design-based company. However, it puts emphasis on creating amazing designs for the Hospitality Industry. That’s why I felt like I could learn many new things apart from graphic design, which in the end was a big plus.

What did you like the most about working for Customer Alliance?

The team atmosphere. Also that I learned a lot, of course, but in almost every internship you learn something. That’s fact. What I really liked is that I felt welcomed since the first day I came here; and, although there are so many employees, still they manage to keep an easy going atmosphere. I thought working at Customer Alliance was going to be only office-based, but there were a lot of activities we were doing together encouraging a friendly environment. This helps you a lot when working, because you feel more comfortable within the team. Everyone is open to feedback and helping you to improve. Furthermore, Henriette, my supervisor here, taught me many design processes and showed me plenty of resources I didn’t know about before. It was an amazing experience.
Internship Experience at Customer Alliance

Would you recommend this experience to other interns looking for a job?

Yes, definitely. I think everyone who is looking for an internship here, whatever the department is, will learn more than what they applied for. The main reason is the interrelation of the departments. For instance, for some projects, I was working with the IT team. From them I learned some programming too, which I was not expecting to discover. This made it a very enriching experience. Because it’s an internship – where we are supposed to gather experiences to find what we want to do – it’s nice to have all these influences, so that in the end, you can find your path by looking in multiple directions. More is always better for the learning experiences!

So what comes after your internship at Customer Alliance? What are your plans?

As I said, I’m going to go back to university to finish my studies. Thanks to the experience here, I feel like I learned a lot about project management and about many design elements that I didn’t know before, and I feel like I really have a very good basis to finish my degree. Once I’ve finished my studies I would like to stay in Berlin for some time in order to improve my portfolio and connect with the rest of the creatives living in the city. When I think is time for me to start looking for a job, I’ll take the first step. In the meanwhile, I want to travel and combine this with gathering more design-experience. Go and explore how design is implemented in other parts of the world. Thank you, Customer Alliance, for being such an important stepping stone for my future career.

And thank you, Viktoria, for having been part of our team for these amazing six months

Are you interested in joining the Customer Alliance team? Learn about career and internship opportunities from the Careers section of our website.

Internship Experience at Customer Alliance


Customer Alliance’s Control Panel – your holistic management solution!

Customer Alliance’s Control Panel

Customer Alliance's Control Panel

At this point, much has been said about guest reviews and their impact on a business’s economic success. For almost six years, Customer Alliance has put all of our efforts into being a valuable resource for the Hospitality Industry. By now, more than 3,500 hotels use our solutions to improve their online reputation, direct bookings, and price planning.

As our longtime partners would confirm, our purpose has always been assisting the Hospitality Industry through all aspects of their daily work. With this in mind, we are happy to present Customer Alliance’s Control Panel as your holistic management solution!

Today’s management solution should not only include PMS, ERP, or any other automation technology; but also, tools that help handle online reputation, bookings, and pricing. The only viable approach is therefore a holistic one, taking both automation and human dialogue and interactions into account.

With the recent launch of our hotel booking engine Booked, we now offer three truly complementary products. Customer Alliance’s Control Panel helps you overcome the numerous hurdles within your daily routine.

Our solutions allow you to track down and manage your online reviews; as well as, analyze them for quality management. You will not only gain the trust of your guests, but also promote your website into a place potential guests want to visit. As a result, the effective interplay between our price planning tools and online direct booking engine will lead to a significant rise in your occupancy and average daily rate – which will originate from your own distribution channels.

Get your business ready for the 21st century. Decrease your external commissions, enhance your reputation, generate more direct bookings, and plan your prices more efficiently through Control Panel – where Review Analytics, Price Analytics and Booked are combined.

Take a holistic approach and regain control of your business through Customer Alliance’s Control Panel.

If you want to keep reading, check our Customer Alliance’s Control Panel press release here.

Request a free demo of our main solution, Review Analytics, by filling the form below:

Our latest product updates. An interview with Moritz Klussmann, Customer Alliance’s CEO

Product Updates

2016 is well under way and we are already in the middle of great new projects – though we didn’t miss our chance to look back on the year and recent improvements as we plan our next big steps. We want to share our successes, thoughts, and vision for our products development with you. With this in mind, we interviewed our CEO, Moritz Klussmann, and here are the insights he shared. Enjoy!

What are the latest updates for Review Analytics and Booked?

Within the first quarter of 2016, our biggest Review Analytics improvement was the new Widgets. Previously, the Widgets existed as a sticker customers applied to their websites, and, now they are an overlay visible to users throughout their navigation. From the technological side, it’s much more powerful as it’s written in JavaScript instead of being a static image, allowing the user to interact with it more. Meanwhile, from the conversion side – the hotel’s side – its enhanced visibility will increase the number of users clicking and reading reviews. Additionally, we incorporated a rollover effect where details show when the mouse moves over the Widget. Users not only see reviews and the Customer Satisfaction Index, but also independent review criteria.

In late 2015, we improved with a big update on statistics within Review Analytics. We added the cloud-tagging view for semantics, which provides customers alternative ways to analyze their data. We also expanded our front-end language capabilities to 19 languages to expand your reach to more guests – which will improve their review invitation return-rates. Also we extended our collaboration with new PMS for Review Analytics, among which we can find WinnerSoftware, Misterbooking, Ibelsa, 5*stelle, Oscar, NovaResa, vivo Resorts and Swoppen. This means that now, if a hotel is working with one of these previously mentioned PMS, an interface allows an automatic transfer of the guests’ data from the PMS into Review Analytics.

We also partnered with Trivago to improve hotels’ visibility within this relevant review portal. Now, whenever a guest submits a Customer Alliance review it also appears on Trivago and impacts hotels’ rating on this portal.

Launching our IBEBooked – in 2015 provided us lots of opportunities for growth; and we seized them. One of the features that makes Booked unique is its responsive front-end. While designing it, we aimed to make it as intuitive and comfortable as possible for users. This gives clients the chance to book a room from any device, be it a computer, a tablet or their smartphones. In the end, what counts is to increase the conversion rate.

In the same context, we were really excited about improving our upselling functionality. Customers now very easily upsell their rooms and services throughout the booking process to improve their conversion rates. The upselling is offered very subtly and comfortably within the booking process, so as not to not overwhelm, but seduce the website visitor into booking. All of this falls in line with our mantra: more reviews, more bookings, more revenue.

Another great step for Booked is our Channel Manager connection with Siteminder. The connection allows pricing and availability updates from Siteminder to also apply for Booked. The update occurs for all portals at the same time through very few clicks within Siteminder.

There are much more updates, but these are just a selection.

Why did you decide to do these updates?

We always listen to feedback from existing customers and potential clients – these voices are part of our main motivators to go for a certain feature; for Review Analytics, the main goal is definitely the visibility of our customers’ reviews. With this in mind, we noticed the success of the previous Widget depended heavily on website positioning. Sometimes customers oriented it near the footer, other times on a very hidden spot within the page, which had an impact on the Widget’s effectiveness. With the new Widgets, our main goal was conversion optimization – improved visibility of your online reviews converts website visitors into bookers, which, ultimately, increases revenue.

Regarding Booked, we have been working with it only one year, since 2015, so we are constantly receiving and applying valuable customer feedback to steer Booked’s development. We focus on our hoteliers’ needs, which generally concerns improving efficiency on internal hotel-processes.

We prioritize removing stress and time constraints often associated with review, booking, and revenue management. Every product update and feature add-on comes with this mind: more reviews, means more potential customers click your business, and this leads to more bookings.

You mentioned the importance of customers feedback for your product development – how do you use feedback from your customers in order to develop these updates?

Whenever I am in touch with customers myself this is the first question I ask. Sure, I am always happy to talk to customers; hearing from individual customers first-hand is really interesting. Day-to-day our Customer Care team talks with our customers and they report any customer requests to Product Development. Feedback arrives not only from existing customers, but also from potential customers. As our Sales team talks with potential clients, they communicate to Product Development the features that would drive new customers to commit to our solutions.

Our development extends beyond our team, customers, competitors, and the hospitality industry. We often look to others within the tech industry to investigate on a broad level new ideas to enhance our user’s experience. That’s what ensures we provide the best solution for our customers – the most important thing for us.

How do you let your clients know there is a new update in your product?

Currently, our blog delivers product news and updates, and we look forward to expanding our reader-base. We publish blog posts for each update, including what specifically changed, the benefits, and how to apply the update. Additionally, we send out a monthly newsletter which features all of our updates, as well as, recent whitepapers and articles. For the biggest updates, we publish press releases.

What is the process for the Product Development team in order to launch an update and how often do you update your products?

Our Product Development team has one Product Development Manager (Leonie). She collects, reads, evaluates, and prioritizes all new ideas reported by our customers and the team. Additionally we keep our eyes on trending topics and technological opportunities within the industry. Once a quarter, we get together with the team leaders of every department – the country managers (representing customer care and sales), the founders, a Communications & UX representative, and our Product Development Manager – so that everyone voices their priorities. Improvements range from visible things, such as new features or tweaks to old features, to invisible things, such as performance, content, or usability updates – anything that makes our solutions better than yesterday.

From there, we make a feasible list and add it to our product pipeline. In general we work with priorities and don’t commit to deadlines, because we are convinced of staying agile in order to adjust to changes and prepare for the unexpected.

From the quarterly meeting, we divide the projects, write briefings, and specify technically. We follow this with the design sprint, where we create user flows, user stories, and user interface prototypes for the whole user experience. After that, we split everything into tasks for our development sprint. Sprint is term from the Agile “Scrum” methodology which we follow, it is a defined interval of development focusing on manageable projects which allow developers to focus on coding. Once the code is there, we test everything for an ideal user-experience visually and functionally and prepare our communication efforts for the launch.

Of course, we measure the results of this communication and the impact of the update. We check Analytics and Customer Care reports for how customers received the update and use this information to improve our process for the next sprint. Our sprint duration is two weeks, so every two weeks we have new things, new improvements for the users.

What can the Hospitality Industry expect from CA in the near future?

Our goal is to give hoteliers full control over their reputation and bookings. Review Analytics and Booked, as well as Price Analytics, have impacted the industry in a great way. So now we are working on Control Panel, from which hoteliers can centrally login. From one place they see and manage their reputation and bookings.

Product Updates

Just a few upcoming improvements on our products:

  • Control Panel – Single login: an all-in-all solution where users manage their reviews and bookings from one account
  • Review Analytics’ redesign & responsive interface, means making the back-end for hotelier fully usable on all devices
  • Re-invitation function for Review Analytics so customers can remind their guests of pending review invitations
  • Booked Widget update following the Review Analytics model, this Widget will be an overlay visible throughout the navigation experience

Do you have an idea? Submit a product update request by adding a comment