The latest hotel technologies – take your guest’s experiences to the next level


Do you find your guests are always expecting more from your hotel and staff? Have you had to increase the range of personalised services you offer? Are you unsure how to take your guest’s experiences to the next level?

How can I keep up with the latest developments in the hotel industry?

Don’t worry. The team at Customer Alliance can assure you that what you are experiencing is completely normal and experienced throughout the industry. We live in a new age in which guests demand more than ever that hotels and their service offers adapt to their expectations, and not the other way way around. Factors such as this have led the hotel industry to adopt new technologies and add value to the stay of guests, revolutionising the industry and keeping it more up-to-date than ever.

We collected a number of the latest technologies from around the world which are already available for your use

Keyless Access to Rooms – Boycott the cards and still open the door! Using a simple app on their phones, guests will be able to gain access to their rooms without the need for a key or a swipe card. Marriott Hotels are already employing this system with much success.

Auto check-in – Continuing with the growth of smartphones, some hotels already offer the possibility to check-in online from a mobile phone, and even to choose special features, such as which floor you wish to stay on.

Chat with a concierge – If you’re not already utilising this new technology, guests are able to send messages directly to your reception and receive a response in just a few moments. Many hotels already use apps such as WhatsApp for guests to send their complaints, order room service or make special requests.

Robots – Although it sounds futuristic, it’s also already a reality. Robots such as HOSPI(R) are already utilised in some establishments, performing simple tasks such as room service, luggage deliveries, checking guests in and as a tool to answer frequently asked questions.

New technologies specifically for rooms

Smart TVs – Televisions will soon serve as a hub between all of the electronic devices of the guest. You can feel at home and work with a large screen, stream movies or listen to your favourite music.

Mirror TVs – Currently only available in luxury hotels, mirrors which function also as a TV allow guests to watch TV from the bathroom, sauna or even the pool.

Heat sensors – Say goodbye to the “Do Not Disturb” cards on the door handle! With the assistance of heat sensors within the room, the cleaning service will know when it’s convenient for them to complete their work without disturbing the guests.

Intelligent thermostats and lights – By using a their smartphone, guests can regulate the temperature and lights within their room without even being there. These new technologies help hotels like Starwood be more committed to the environment, for example, by regulating temperature and lights when the room is unoccupied to save energy or have a more consistent usage.

New technologies as added value

The latest technologies not only greatly improve your guest’s experiences by increasing the value of their rooms, but can also help with the efficiency and productivity of your hotel and staff. With automation of services, employees have more time to offer a higher quality service to guests whilst also reducing energy usage (as mentioned above) and human errors.

Another approach to new technologies

If your hotel isn’t quite ready to fully embrace Artificial Intelligence yet, don’t worry as there are a number of other new technologies which are much easier to implement. For example, at Customer Alliance we also provide you with an introduction to new trends with our online reputation software, by using information about what your guests expect from you based upon your reviews. With elements such as our pre and post-stay communications, automatic emails are sent to guests, which not only generated valuable feedback from guests, but also add value to your services and their experiences.

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