Pre-Stay Communication: Welcome your guests without thinking about it

Send a welcome message to your guest before arrival via email!!

Through every step of a guests stay, from reservation to check-in to during- and post- stay, you can transform their opinion of your hotel in a snap. Why not start their stay off on the right foot with a beautiful welcome email?

Our pre-stay communication feature allows you to do just that! We configured a friendly welcome email, adapted to your branding, that you can send before arrival. Make your guests feel welcome and valued by including all relevant information for their stay like your check-in time, information about the services you offer in-house and recommendations for activities in your area.

Why you need Pre-Stay

Start your guests stay with all the information they need. Our Pre-Stay communication helps you reduce your workload, improve efficiency, manage expectations, and upsell your services.

  1. A stay begins before arrival, instill confidence in them by providing them all the relevant details for their stay. Including their arrival and departure dates, as well as, your check-in and check-out times.
  2. Remind them of your contact information and location without having to think about it. Email, website, and phone number are included in the welcome email.
  3. Promote your offers and services within the email for upselling potential.

Do all of this without having to think about it. Once you setup your Pre-Stay communication, your guests start receiving the welcome emails automatically.

Pre-Stay allows you to rest easy knowing their stay is starting off with a positive and friendly impression.

Talk to your Customer Care Representative now to learn how you can get started with Pre-Stay communication today.

Pre-Stay Communication

Ready to start welcoming your guests? Here’s how!

  • Go to your “Settings” within the back-end
  • Choose “Pre-stay”
  • Activate your pre-stay communication by clicking the switch on to green
  • Check your content in the second tab
  • Then start inviting guests

To fully use this feature, you will need to add the arrival date for your guests to your guest list. If you have your guests automatically importing, please contact Customer Care to improve your connection.

Check out the fresh email!


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