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Independent Hotel

The Art-hotel is just one of our many highly satisfied customers. Watch the video to learn more about how this individual hotel is experiencing success using our online review management system.


Ulli Weida
"When we started our partnership with Customer Alliance in October 2010, we were one of the few hostels that actively managed its online reviews. Since then, we get far more authentic guest feedback. The software gives us the option to decide on which review sites guests should leave their feedback. This helps us to create a unified picture of our hostel & it’s guest satisfaction on the internet. By doing this we create trust and have increased our bookings on all our channels. Our guests are usually only a few days in the city and many of them transit to other European cities. If we were not actively asking these guests by email to review us, we only had a fraction of the feedback we receive over Customer Alliance." Ulli Weida, Sales Manager
Ines Stampehl
“With Customer Alliance we have found a competent partner who provides us with a review management system where comments and suggestions of our guests are directly presented on our homepage. The feedback generated with Customer Alliance is much more honest than on common online review portals. This gives us the chance to improve our service a lot more customer oriented.“ Ines Stampehl, Director of Sales
Christa Kraxner
"With Customer Alliance we have found a reliable partner for our website on which our guests can easily leave their thoughts and opinions. In addition, there is the possibility to react quickly to guest feedback and to give the guest a real answer. Potential guests can be sure to read uninfluenced reviews. We highly recommend this tool." Christa Kraxner, Sales & Marketing
Helmut Tranow
"Why do we work with Customer Alliance? The answer is quite simple: The middle-class hotel business needs positive multipliers to maintain a favourable position with it's customers. A simple and effective way to do this is to make use of positive reviews from customers using the CA tool. More and more of our hotels are already using it." Helmut Tranow, General Manager
Katharina Mirsberger
"At Hotel Victoria we are totally guest oriented, so making continuous improvements is very important to us. With Customer Alliance we have found system that really works for us. It allows us, in a very subtle manner to ask our guests to leave a review. The web portal also has many useful features. In addition to being able to make public responses to guest feedback, we can email the guest directly. In the case of a negative review, we can initiate a dispute process, in which the guest can change or withdraw their review. One of the additional advantages offered by this tool is the statistical analysis it offers of guest reviews on external review sites. The Customer Alliance team is always available for us in case we have any questions. The team is very helpful and friendly. We are very satisfied with Customer Alliance and look forward to continuing our partnership with them.” Katharina Mirsberger, Assistant Director
Marion Bechter
"Quality management is one of the most important parts of Victor's Hotels' corporate philosophy. In Customer Alliance we have found an ideal partner for integrating the timely feedback we recieve from our guests (their reviews and suggestions) into our daily efforts to improve the quality of our services. We've also found that having Customer Alliance support our direct sales has resulted in more people visiting our website and booking directly through our site." Marion Bechter, Product Manager
Linda Labschütz
"We took advantage of the opportunity to work with Customer Alliance because their system offers a simple and honest exchange between guests and our hotel staff. Not only do we get positive comments, but we also receive important suggestions and critiques by guests who have actually stayed at our hotel. This guarantees the authenticity of the reviews and helps us identify and focus on our key strengths and characteristics. The reviews on our website allow potential guests to learn about our hotel, which in turn leads to more direct bookings." Linda Labschütz, Internet Guest Relations Manager
Sven Appelt
"Customer Alliance helped us to quickly get a large number of authentic reviews. We're able to publically display the quality of our services online and communicate with our guests after their stay at our hotel. This significantly affects our internet bookings. The feedback we receive with Customer Alliance has become an important part of our quality management. " Sven Appelt, Director
Katja Goßmann & Sascha Jaeckel
"CA’s assessment system offers potential guests the opportunity to read honest opinions from other guests on our own website, without us having to depend on booking portals which demand a commission. Very easy handling and excellent service just makes the whole idea even more attractive. Our guests think it’s great and we do too!" Katja Goßmann & Sascha Jaeckel, Owners
Nina Seethaler
"Customer Alliance helps us in a simple and uncomplicated way to get "real guest reviews from real guests" on our own webpage. Also the sales analysis is very helpful." Nina Seethaler, Marketing
Agnes Pots
"At Preston Palace our customers always come first and we extend our all-inclusive services even beyond check-out. After our guests return home, they receive an email from Customer Alliance asking them to review their stay at Preston Palace. Our guests really appreciate the unbiased and honest nature of the review system and almost all our guests take a few minutes to submit a review. More than 94% of our guests give Preston Palace a positive reviews; an average of 4.1!" Agnes Pots, PR & Marketing
Tony Pace
"The guest comment system of Customer Alliance gives guests who have stayed at our hotel a chance to provide us with information that's vital for us to improve our operations and be reward future and returning guests with memorable stays." Tony Pace, Front Office Manager
Gudrun Rademacher
"We are very happy with the online review management system of Customer Alliance because the unbiased nature of the system allows us to receive detailed and constructive feedback from our guests. We can react quickly on positive and negative feedback and continue to steadily improve." Gudrun Rademacher, General Management
Philippe Sénémaud
"Finally, a simple and effective solution for hotels and guests. This tool allows us to analyze and evaluate the hotel and very easily compare it against our competitors. Thanks to the CA widget on our website the customer doesn't have to leave our website in order to read reviews. Potential guests can simply click on the "Book Now" button on our website. This leads to more direct bookings on the official website of our hotel." Philippe Sénémaud, President
Zoltan Geher
"Customer Alliance is one of our most effective tools in guest communication. By sending questionnaires to guests after they leave the hotel we generate more reviews, which leads to new direct bookings. Thanks to the benchmarking system measuring us against our competitors, management can react immediately to any shortfalls in our services. It is easy to use for the customer and for the hotel." Zoltan Geher, General Manager
Stefan Stahl
"The Customer Alliance review management tool allows us to contact our guests directly, instead of having to go through public review sites. The assessment rate is significantly higher for our hotel than on public review sites and we can enter into a direct dialog with our guests about their comments and opinions. The tool is simple and easy to use. In addition to this, we always find the competent employees at CA very pleasant to work with." Stefan Stahl, General Manager