Let’s start up with the Customer Alliance University Program!

We built the Customer Alliance University Program to provide professors and students of hotel management schools with knowledge about the latest technological solutions for the hospitality industry. Through our software your students will try a solution helping hoteliers gain more direct bookings and authentic reviews, while learning how to improve online reputation management.

Why become a Customer Alliance University Program Partner?

Because today, guest reviews are the most powerful value-indicator and competitive pricing is no longer the only winning strategy.

Because your students will learn the impact of user-generated content (UGC) on hotels’ sales and how to manage that impact.

Because we expose you and your students to the leading European online reputation management solution and the practical skills necessary for real-world success.

What we offer:

Free access to Customer Alliance Review Analytics

Our solution in your classroom.

We provide professors and students free access to our reputation management solution, Review Analytics. Through which you learn more about reputation management, social media marketing, and online marketing in the hospitality industry.

Keynotes on reputation management and social media

Our expertise at your service.

Our experts deliver presentations and keynote speeches on reputation management and social media at your University.

Supporting research for students

Sharing knowledge has never been so easy.

Do your students need help with research about hotel review and social media data? This is our job, we can help!

Career Partnerships

Ideas exchange, knowledge exchange, people exchange.

Internships, trainee-ships and entry level management positions (Sales/Customer Care/Marketing/HR) will be offered to your University graduates.

For more information, contact us!

Join our community of hotel industry experts and academics.

Give your students the opportunity to improve their technological awareness and discover how things work in the real world!