Customer Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction scores across your automotive company. Create a Voice of the Customer strategy and maximise customer feedback to get the consumer insights you need to edge out your competition.

Empowering automotive customer satisfaction

Customer Journey Designer

Unlimited flexible surveys

One dashboard for all metrics

Engage your customers

Strengthen your online reputation

Power your online reputation with the many reviews we’ll help you generate and distribute to your preferred review platforms. 

Then, once visitors come to your website, build trust by displaying these reviews and showing off your excellent automobile customer satisfaction ratings.

  • Snag more online visitors with more reviews
  • Increase Google ranking and stars
  • Showcase reviews on website
  • Resolve negative reviews from 1 place with our alerts

72% of car buyers would drive 30–95 kilometers for a dealership with good reviews.

Capture intelligent insights

How to measure customer satisfaction? With  our real-time analytics you can examine car customer satisfaction ratings live across all touchpoints.

Plus, use our customer satisfaction survey tools to discover automotive consumer trends and to dig into the voice of the customer to improve your automotive customer retention.

  • Create multiple automated touchpoints
  • Send customisable, multi-channel surveys in 30+ languages
  • Get direct feedback onsite on car models and features
  • Utilise semantic analytics to understand sentiment

Car buyers can have up to 900 touchpoints before making their purchase. Get involved.

Align your entire company

Our clients in the customer relationship management automobile industry like to use our lean reporting to ensure internal unity across the automotive experience.

Our customer satisfaction software makes it easy to get everyone on the same page and move up the automotive customer satisfaction index.

  • Use multi-level drill downs into your dealership network
  • Track NPS on a dealership country, or city level
  • Monitor your automobile industry competitors to set benchmarks
  • Define and monitor targets for your main KPIs

54% would buy a car from a dealership offering their preferred service, even over lower prices.

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See how 54% of Mazda Motor Europe’s regional markets increased Mazda customer satisfaction of sales in one year with Customer Alliance. There’s so much power behind the customer satisfaction survey automobile industry, see how it’s done.


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Don’t trust our word. Trust Mazda’s:

“Along the customer journey, dealerships will continue to be one of the key touchpoints we have with our customers. Ongoing customer satisfaction measurement, customer feedback analysis will remain important tools to continually  improve our processes. At the same time, customers increasingly post and search for feedback online. Having the right tools at hand to manage your online reputation effectively is key to enhance your customers’ experience even before they visit a dealership.” 

Simon Haines, Director Customer Knowledge at Mazda Motor Europe

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Customer feedback software by Customer Alliance includes Customer Experience Management, Voice of the Customer and Online Reputation Management.