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May, 2019

In addition to our daily digest emails to summarise the new reviews and feedback received, we now have the functionality to receive notifications for every new review for any portal which we monitor or Customer Alliance feedback.

We received a number of feedback from our customers, that receiving notification of new Customer Alliance reviews was not sufficient to their needs. Additionally, with the release of our new Customer Experience Hub the need to be notified of new feedback has become increasingly important.

For example, when a guest completes a feedback form for a Speedy Check-In, it would be impractical for this only receive a notification of this within the daily digest email. Similarly, a number of our clients seek to respond to negative as fast as possible, and potentially waiting 24 hours would not be acceptable – this is where the notification of the new review would be useful.

Setting up notifications

In order to set-up a new notification, simply navigate to Report > Email, where you will find a number of options. For these alerts, there are three options available:

  • New Customer Alliance reviews – for public reviews submitted with Customer Alliance
  • New Customer Alliance feedback – for private feedback submitted with Customer Alliance
  • New external portal review – for a review submitted on any monitored portal, such as Google or Facebook.

For the options of New Customer Alliance or external portal reviews, it is possible to filter the notifications to just the positive or negative reviews, or based upon a custom criteria. Additionally, for external portal reviews, these alerts can also be filtered by specific portals.


This new feature will allow you to monitor your online reputation and customer interactions closer and take appropriate action in real-time.

If you would like to find out more about this or any of our other features, schedule a call with one of our brand consultants today.

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