How to create a successful Customer Survey

The impact of a Customer Survey

Customer satisfaction has become one of the strongest indicators for sustainable business success. As we’ve seen again and again, people trust the word of mouth and shared customer experience has become crucial for both brand reputation and customer retention. It is up to hotels, and any other businesses, both to satisfy their guests and create ways of measuring and disseminating customer experiences.

In the digital age, positive feedback not only helps hoteliers retain existing customers, but it also – and maybe more importantly – helps to gain new customers. That’s why business owners need to find good ways of effectively collecting guest reviews.

This is when the Customer Survey comes into play. If well constructed, a Customer Survey allows you to rapidly gather plenty of feedback on topics that are important to the success of your business. Don’t worry if this sounds daunting – creating effective surveys is easier than you might think. Just take your time, read on and try to implement our guidelines as accurately as possible.

What should my Customer Survey look like?

For a Customer Survey to be as successful as possible, you should have a concrete idea of the answers that you would like to get from the survey participants. Likewise, it is important to use simple, straightforward questions written in the language that survey respondents will understand. According to Giuseppe Iarossi, an expert in the field of survey design, swapping a single word is likely to influence the entire outcome of Customer Surveys.

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