Emerging stronger from the Coronavirus crisis: Why hotels should optimise and digitalise their processes now

It’s no secret that the ongoing Coronavirus crisis has had a massive impact on the global hotel and tourism industry. It will continue to affect this industry even after corona is defeated. Travel restrictions and curfews have resulted in cancelled flights, low occupancy rates, and lost revenue for many businesses. The World Travel & Tourism Council predicts that up to 50 million jobs are at risk in the global travel and tourism sector due to the current coronavirus crisis.

In such challenging times, hoteliers are required to ensure transparent and professional communication. It’s essential to keep guests and employees well-informed throughout the crisis. Without a doubt, the list of negative impacts on daily operations is long. Many facilities might have to close their doors to the public. But the current crisis is also an opportunity to develop. Consider optimizing internal processes with the help of digital tools. These can support hoteliers in developing a long-term strategy to rehabilitate themselves in the market. Additionally, these advances can help make up for losses after corona has ended.

Ensuring transparent and consistent guest communication during the Coronavirus crisis

Like any other crisis situation, the coronavirus pandemic requires professional and honest communication with employees, guests, and shareholders. Due to travel restrictions and curfews, many travellers are worried about their holidays and booked hotel rooms. Therefore, put your guests´minds at ease by showing empathy and sharing all relevant information with them.

It is time to leverage your digital communication channels like website, email, SMS, and social media. Let your guests know specifically how you prioritise employee and guest safety. Share how you handle cancellations, and any preventative measures taken at your facilities. Keeping your guests well-informed strengthens the trust with your guests. These measures will positively influence your guest relation in the long-term after corona.

For example, prepare a short statement outlining any measures and procedures which your hotel is undertaking. Publish the statement on your website or blog. Also, consider sending out an automated message via mail or SMS which includes all important information. This may prevent your guests from cancelling their stay in a hasty moment. Beyond the coronavirus crisis, hotels can create a lasting experience by delivering the right message at the right time.

Use the current coronavirus crisis to optimise and digitize your hotel’s processes

As after other crises, we most certainly can expect a catch-up effect as soon as the coronavirus pandemic has been overcome. As people will have had to endure travel bans and social distancing, the urge to travel will be high. To make the most of this potential and to emerge stronger after corona, hotels can prepare. Therefore, take this time to rethink your internal procedures and processes with the help of digital tools. Evaluate which solution suits your needs best and which will help you set yourself apart from the competition.

Doubtless, hoteliers will experience a revenue downturn and must cut back their expenditures due to the crisis. However, when the demand starts to rise again, it’s time for wise investments. Start prioritising digital tools today. They will support you to increase operational efficiency, save costs in the long run, and generate additional revenue.

Lastly, make sure that all of your hard work during this time is noted and shared with prospective guests.  Check out our article: 7 Tips for Hotels during COVID-19: How to Manage Your Online Reputation During a Crisis? 


In the middle of an uncertain time, hotels should ensure professional and transparent communication. Consider guests, employees, and shareholders. They will appreciate being treated fairly and transparently. Then they will be more likely to remember your hotel and your service in the best light. Forward-thinking hoteliers will use this time to analyse their internal processes and digitalise them. They know it will make the most out of the catch-up effect after corona ends. Using this time efficiently will help hotels recover from the crisis and gain a competitive advantage in the long run.

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