How to Communicate More Efficiently with Our Internal Notes

Many hoteliers receive guest reviews that require internal communication. For example, in the case of a negative review you would like to provide your colleagues useful background information or explain how the communication with the guest went and whether the problem has been resolved. Usually, this is done via email in many hotels, but it is a time-consuming inconvenient process. 

In order to share important information about a review with colleagues, Customer Alliance now allows you to leave internal notes. How did the issue occur and which employees are involved? Are further steps necessary? In a comment field you can conveniently add all useful thoughts.

We will now explain in detail, which advantages this new function offers and how you can use it best.

Which advantages do internal notes for reviews offer?

With the new feature, you can save a lot of time which can be spent on other tasks. Think of all the mails you used to send to colleagues to clarify: how was the communication with the guest going, was the matter satisfactorily resolved or what further steps were necessary. From now on, you can collect all this information in an internal note in order to communicate even more effectively with each other. Important information is not lost and can be accessed by all users at the same time. 

And do you already know our To-Do feature? You can use it to assign to-do’s to a specific employee in order to initiate appropriate action steps. Employees will receive a notification email and can check off the to-do in the system as soon as it is done.

How do I use the feature?

You can use the new feature immediately! In your Review Stream, you will see a bar with the functions “Translate”, “Comment”, “Forward” and “Note” below each rating. Click on “Note” and a text field opens in which you can leave your comments. All other users can access it and comment on it as well. 

We hope that you like this innovation and that it will save you a lot of time! 

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