10 Tips for an optimized hotel website

The summer season is coming up: Is your hotel website ready to attract new customers?

April, 2015

Even today, many hoteliers don’t seem to be aware of the enormous potential of online marketing for their business’ success. In fact, a professional and sufficiently optimized hotel website is an absolute necessity for a hotelier who wants to reach more potential customers, and the right target group at that.

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Be honest with yourself: Are you doing what you need to do to get the most out of your website? Here are our 10 pointers

10 Tips for an optimized hotel website


  • Are the speed and accessibility of the website good?
  • Have you included professional shot images and other multimedia content of your property and area? You have included alt tags to your images?
  • Have you implemented a simple and user friendly site navigation, with a clear link structure?
  • Do your website texts incite emotions and encourage bookings?
  • Do you regularly update your website with blog posts and/or interesting storytelling of your hotel and surroundings?
  • Have you implemented a responsive design of your website, so users can best view your website from any electronic device?
  • Is your online booking engine responsive, so visitors can easily make their bookings from any electronic device?
  • Have you created a list of keywords to choose from, which you check and update regularly?
  • Are you active on the important social media platforms your guests interact with (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Yelp, Instagram und Google+)?
  • Do you monitor your online reputation and moderate and reply to reviews?



Become an expert and download the complete checklist, along with the Whitepaper:
>> “Hotel website secrets”

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