August 2014 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

New backend language available: Dutch

Now all Dutch hotels can use Review Analytics on their mother language.

New salutation on the “guests” section: Mrs and Mr

From now on, our system allows you to be more precise when adding a new guest in the system. Now you can choose between “Family” and “Mrs and Mr”.

Responsive login page

Our login page is now optimized to be viewed on tablets and mobile phones.

Customizable newsletter sign-up text

Now each hotel can have a different text to describe the newsletter subscription checkbox on the questionnaire. Additionally, the new fields also accept an automatic or individual translation.

Improved navigation on the review details

New “Next” and “Previous” Buttons (little arrows on the left and right side of the review-details-pop-up) allow to navigate easier from one review to another.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant