The New Review Analytics!

Each day, everyone of our 52 colleagues listens to your feedback very carefully. We try to collect all of your suggestions and to implement a lot of them to make your review management easier, better and more fun.

So, today is the day that our entire team has been working extremely hard for in the last couple of months. We are releasing the beta version of the new Review Analytics tool!

Say hello to the new Review Analytics

  • We have implemented a beautiful design and thought really hard on how to offer you the best usability.
  • The new review stream shows all of your reviews in one central place, allowing you to see your reviews in a blink of an eye.
  • The statistics and semantic section now provides you with more detailed and meaningful data that is linked to one another. Analyzing and managing your reputation across the web has never been easier and more fun before.

To get your feedback as early as possible, we decided to release a beta version. This beta version will run in parallel to the old version for a couple of weeks. As it is in beta, it might still be a bit slow from time to time, but I promise you, it is already a lot of fun to work with!

Start exploring the beta version. We cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

Moritz Klussmann