Comment on Google Reviews Directly from the Customer Alliance Dashboard

Commenting on Google My Business reviews just got a lot easier! You can now directly comment on your Google reviews within Customer Alliance without having to leave your account.
We hope this new feature saves you a heap of time and you enjoy this new feature as much as we do!

One time Setup of your Google My Business Connection

  1. Navigate to to the General Settings in your Settings Section. In the Tab ”Profile” you can set up the Google My Business Connection.
  2. Simply click on “Connect” and follow the steps in the pop up. (Please make sure, that the Google Account you are working with, has the required permissions to manage your Google My Business Account locations.)
  3. If you have access to multiple locations, you might be asked to select a specific location from your list.
  4. If you want to set up the connection for multiple locations at once, please make sure, you are logged in with your headquarter account. It is now possible to multi select from the locations list.
  5. Once you connect to your Google My Business account, your Google reviews are refreshed to make sure we display the most updated reviews from your Google My Business profile. This can take brief moments until your Google reviews appear again in your review stream.

How it works

  1. Navigate to your Review Stream
  2. Find a Google My Business Review and click on “Comment”
  3. Done. Your reply will be automatically posted to your Google My Business page and on the respective review in your Customer Alliance review stream.

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