Customer Alliance Customer Referral Program

The Customer Referral Program connects fellow hoteliers and businesses to Customer Alliance directly through your recommendation! As a “thank you,” when the referred business commits to a contract for our product, you will see four months rewarded on the following invoice.

You already know how Review Analytics improves your visibility across the web, transforms your online reputation, and expedites the review process. You experienced the benefits of selecting us as your review management system. You share ideas and recommendations with colleagues and friends━ why not earn rewards for sharing your Review Analytics experience with others in your industry?

How does it work?

The process

When logged into your Review Analytics backend, simply navigate to Four Free Months, input the contact information for the business you are referring, and submit.

Our sales team will reach out to your contact and schedule a talk or demo providing a detailed insight of our different products. Once they start the collaboration with one of our products, we update you via email and reward you four months of free service.

It’s that simple!

Who should you refer?

Any business you believe would benefit from our products. From hotels to restaurants to universities, businesses across the hospitality industry find our products beneficial to their success.

You can submit as many references as you would like and earn rewards repeatedly for each new referral!

We appreciate your support and business with Customer Alliance!

Not a Customer Alliance user yet, but interested in improving your online reputation? Get a free live demo with one of our consultants!

Moritz Klussmann