Customer Alliance enters the Polish market!

The front- and back- end of Review Analytics and Booked are now provided in Polish, in case you did not notice the addition within our website language dropdown. Our Eastern European Country Manager, Jolanta Emerli, worked diligently with our Communications and UX team to prepare our solutions and website for the new market with Polish on the front- and backend. Previously, our Review Analytics solution offered Polish as a frontend language (i.e. content sent to guests and/or customers could be sent in Polish), and now the backend is also available in Polish.

We are excited about expanding our markets further and offering our solutions in Polish is a step towards helping more businesses across the hospitality industry seize control of their online reputation and bookings.

Check out the Polish backend:
Your Review Analytics backend and frontend Widget

Review Analytics Widget

Your Booked backend


Stay tuned as we introduce more languages into our solutions. Another step in helping you gain control of your online reputation and bookings.

Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager