Customer Alliance’s Control Panel – your holistic management solution!

At this point, much has been said about guest reviews and their impact on a business’s economic success. For almost six years, Customer Alliance has put all of our efforts into being a valuable resource for the Hospitality Industry. By now, more than 3,500 hotels use our solutions to improve their online reputation, direct bookings, and price planning.

As our longtime partners would confirm, our purpose has always been assisting the Hospitality Industry through all aspects of their daily work. With this in mind, we are happy to present Customer Alliance’s Control Panel as your holistic management solution!

Today’s management solution should not only include PMS, ERP, or any other automation technology; but also, tools that help handle online reputation, bookings, and pricing. The only viable approach is therefore a holistic one, taking both automation and human dialogue and interactions into account.

With the recent launch of our hotel booking engine Booked, we now offer three truly complementary products. Customer Alliance’s Control Panel helps you overcome the numerous hurdles within your daily routine.

Our solutions allow you to track down and manage your online reviews; as well as, analyze them for quality management. You will not only gain the trust of your guests, but also promote your website into a place potential guests want to visit. As a result, the effective interplay between our price planning tools and online direct booking engine will lead to a significant rise in your occupancy and average daily rate – which will originate from your own distribution channels.

Get your business ready for the 21st century. Decrease your external commissions, enhance your reputation, generate more direct bookings, and plan your prices more efficiently through Control Panel – where Review Analytics, Price Analytics and Booked are combined.

Take a holistic approach and regain control of your business through Customer Alliance’s Control Panel.

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