Another day, another language ‒ Czech out the Czech language in our Review Analytics backend

Over the past few weeks, we have worked closely with our Eastern European team to prepare our Review Analytics product for the Czech market. You were already collecting reviews in Czech, now you can also manage your reviews in Czech! The Czech language is live on our Review Analytics backend to simplify review management for our valued customers in the Czech Republic.

What does this mean for you?

As a Czech-speaking or Czech-native hotelier, you can manage your online reputation comfortably in your mother-tongue. We took great care in testing and ensuring the implementation of the Czech language in our backend – where you manage reviews within Review Analytics – is intuitive for you.

How do I change my language settings?

We’re sure glad you asked! To change your language settings to Czech:

  • login to Review Analytics
  • go to your name in the top right corner of your dashboard or “home screen”
  • Then choose from the dropdown, “Personal details”
  • From there, choose “čeština” from the dropdown

It’s that simple!

Czech out the Czech language in Review Analytics!

The Czech Overview Section


The Czech Invitation Settings


Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager