Discover the value of actionable data through our Data Insights!

Having review data is great, but have you ever felt a little befuddled on how to take action on that data? Or does the data ever overwhelm you as per where you should start your analysis?

Some days, we feel the exact same way. That’s why we invested time researching and evaluating how to simplify this process for our users. What was the great epiphany? Data Insights!


Directly on your Dashboard you can see insight into your review data with suggestions on how you can maintain a great rating or respond quicker to an unhappy guest. Through these Insights, we reduce the steps needed to find and resolve an issue or commend an employee for a job well done.

Insights are wide-ranging and growing daily. In order to best “fine-tune” this feature, we need your valuable feedback. So, don’t hesitate to let us know your ideas for other helpful Insights.

How it works

For starters, Insights are color-coded to indicate if they are cautioning, congratulating, or simply notifying you of certain areas.

  • Green is always congratulating on a success, such as an increase in your TripAdvisor ranking or receiving excellent reviews.
  • Yellow hints towards an aspect of your statistics that could benefit your marketing or reputation management strategy. This could range from who is reviewing you most from a specific market to who might be a good demographic for targeting your marketing campaigns.
  • Red indicates an area of criticism, usually a drop in your overall rating or a critical review. Areas of this nature are sensitive and require attention.

Insights include suggested actions you can take based on the information. For example if your City Rank dropped, the action would be to check your distribution strategy. These actions suggest potential means of maintaining positive results, tackling a previously unrecognized market, or reacting rapidly to critical feedback .
Once an Insight is handled and no longer requires attention, you can click the checkbox next to it to resolve it. It is always available for you to revisit within the “Resolved” tab of the Insights section.
Sometimes, everything is progressing naturally in your reputation management and no Insights will be available, but that is not a bad thing. That just means everything is remaining consistent and more Insights will appear when something changes.
Your Insights are included in your email reports as well as Excel and PDF reports. You simply need to tick the box for “Insights” to include them. This offers you those valuable Insights on-the-go.
Never miss out on an opportunity to manage your reputation.

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