Your Excel reports, redesigned – time to evaluate!

Your Excel reports have been restructured and improved! We’ve made some visual changes, as well as added some numbers for you, so you’ll have a more immediate overview of your report as well as some additional information.

What’s the Excel report?

Review Analytics provides you with 3 kinds of reports which detail your reviews and your performance: your email reports, pdf reports and Excel reports.

While you can customize all three, only the Excel reports are editable. This means that you have the chance to personalize them more, by analyzing and processing your data independently.

We know how important it is that you be able to efficiently report to management and communicate results to your team! Your Excel reports permit you to do just that – you can extract data, change the order of the information and highlight and bring to the forefront the elements important to you or to various employees.

What’s new?

With the new layout, you’ll have a more concise overview of your results and your past reviews. You’ll notice a number of visual changes throughout. Here are the most important changes and additions:

  • Combined Excel sheets
    Your Customer Alliance reviews and external portal reviews are now all on the same tab, so you can more easily compare them.
  • Keep track of your evolution
    You have an additional section where you can view the “change in value since previous date”. This means you can now more easily evaluate the progress of your ratings and keep track of whether or not you’re doing better!
  • View your last 100 reviews
    This was previously only available to you on your pdf reports. Now you can view your last 100 reviews in the Excel in addition to your numbers!

Check out your new Excel reports in the “Reports” section of your backend!


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Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant