Explore new language options to collect and display your online reviews!

Today, we present two new language options providing the opportunity to improve your return rates and personalized customer approach. You can now send questionnaires and receive reviews in Finnish and Norwegian to widen your online audience.

Optimizing your language options within Review Analytics raises the potential for higher return rates of your post-stay review questionnaire. This opens your doors to guests in other regions exploring these reviews and booking rooms; which, as a result, broadens your client-base and increases your revenue.

We understand the need to reach as many clients as possible, and growing the language options within the frontend is just one way we do this.

Learn more about the benefits of an individualized approach to your international customers here.

Take a look at the new languages!

We adapted the design to correspond with each language’s readability.

Your widget and certificate page:

Finnish and Norwegian

Your post-stay e-mail:

Finnish and Norwegian

Your questionnaire:

Finnish and Norwegian

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Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager