External portal commenting in your Review Stream

We constantly emphasize how important it is to comment on your reviews in order to maintain your online reputation because commenting helps show your dedication to your guests happiness. With this mentality, we furthered your commenting capabilities within your Review Stream by extending the comment function to external portals using a copy-and-paste function.

This allows users to copy a comment, whether from a template or free-hand, to their clipboard (i.e. exactly as if you would right click and choose “Copy” on your computer) then opens the relevant portal in a new tab for you to then paste your comment. It extends the templates and drafts feature to all portals as you could choose from a template the content you wish to include then use Copy & Redirect.

When do comments appear in my Stream?

Unlike with your Customer Alliance reviews, the comments that are copied and published to an external portal might take time to appear in your Review Stream. This occurs when a portal evaluates comment content before publishing or applies any sort of waiting period before publishing. It is difficult to determine how long it takes for them to publish a comment, but once published, it appears in your review stream within 24 hours.
Please be aware: it is up to a portals’ discretion as per whether or not they publish your comment. You can learn more within each portals’ terms and conditions section.

How it works

To comment to an external portal follow these steps:

  1. From the review, you click the “Comment” button as you do with Customer Alliance reviews
  2. Choose a comment from your templates or draft an entirely new comment
  3. Click the “Copy & redirect” button
  4. This opens the external portal in a new tab and copies the comment to your clipboard. It may require you login to leave a comment depending on the portal.
  5. Paste your comment in the review on the external portal

Login in and try it out!

Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager