Your fresh, new Dashboard for simplified analysis

New design, same data

As we continue learning about our users, we realized there could be better ways to display your Dashboard data to meet different skill-sets. In the new Dashboard, we added multiple view and filter options for you to choose which one works best for you. Whether you prefer tables for analysis or are more visually inclined, your Dashboard fits to you.

The greatest improvement to your new Dashboard is the addition of Time Comparison. Through this, you compare your current filtered time frame with the same time last month or last year. This offers you greater insight into how your business is performing in relation to previous statistics. All a part of our mission to provide you robust analysis from a single place.

Furthermore, we updated our charts, graphs, and table offering you a more comprehensive overview. For detailed analysis on certain criteria, portals, or reviews you can navigate to Statistics, Semantics, or your Stream in a click. Those sections will then be filtered to show in detail what you saw on the Dashboard. From there, we encourage you to take further action and improve your reputation and guest experiences.

Let’s take a look

See a glimpse of the product backend here or login now .

Portal Overview

Your portal overview now has a card and table view. You can click and drag your portal cards into the order that works best for your analysis; additionally, you can sort by portal or review count. The same functionality applies for the table view.


Subcriteria boxes

Within the lower section of your Dashboard, you see a more detailed analysis of your subcriteria, including how certain subcriteria matches up against your competition (Don’t have competition? Talk to your Customer Care representative to learn more!) or fits for different segmentation groups.

The Segmentation box allows you to see your who is reviewing you in regards to age, language, or journey type (for hotels).


Best of all: Time Comparison

We are most excited to introduce the time comparison feature in your new Dashboard. Through this feature you now analyse from your new Dashboard how you are doing now versus the same time last year or last month. They adapts to any time frame you set within your filters.


Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager