Group Clustering Available in Brand Dashboard

As organisations become larger, with multiple locations the need to group those businesses into operational groups become increasingly important. This helps companies to streamline and have management focused upon specific areas of the business. Sometimes these groups can be geography-based, such as North America, LATAM, EMEA or APAC, or perhaps even more local, such as Northern Germany. Other times, they may be based upon languages or even on a basis that appears random to any third party.

Nevertheless, these groups (or clusters) become important for businesses and the ability to evaluate each cluster individually is critical – especially if employee or team KPIs are connected to these metrics.

Clustering in the Brand Dashboard

To support this company structure, we have developed the ability to cluster businesses into hierarchical groups within a Brand Dashboard.

Let’s take a look at a theoretical hierarchy for a company:


As you can see, there are multiple levels for this company, with it being somewhat broken out to Continent > Country > Region > City. Based upon this, any manager from a parent region, for example, German may want to review the person of a child level, for example Northern Germany or Hannover.

So how does this work in the dashboard?

Once clustering has been configured by your Customer Care representative, you are able to navigate between the individual clusters and levels of your business. There are two buttons which are most important to undertaking this. See the red box below.

The left button is for “Clustered View” and the right button is for “Non-Clustered View”

Using the above hierarchy overview, if the user was within the Europe account and had Clustered View selected, the table underneath would show the cumulative results for UK, France, Germany and Italy individually.

However, if the Non-Clustered View option was activated, the table underneath would display every single property within Europe all the way from Berlin to Rome.

When in Clustered View, it is possible to navigate to the lower levels in the hierarchy by clicking on the appropriate arrow icon on the right side of the table.

Getting started

Having your company set-up with clustering is part of the onboarding process and your Customer Care representative will help you define your clustering requirements and configure your account with you whilst setting up the account. Once everything is set up, you should have everything you need to evaluate the performance of your business on any level which you desire. Just be aware that this feature isn’t available to all customers, but your Customer Care representative will be able to advise you in that regard.

If you’re not already a customer and want to see whether evaluating your business using our clustering feature, schedule a call with one of our brand consultants today.

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