HolidayCheck focuses on Polish and German markets – shuts down .com and .fr sites

To focus their site languages on German and Polish, HolidayCheck closed their .com site and will close their .fr site by September 30th 2016.

What exactly does this mean for you?

Your hotel will still be displayed and bookable on their site, but only your German and Polish reviews will be displayed. Reviews on either of the closing sites (.com or .fr) are no longer collected or displayed.

Potential guests will find and book with you through the .de, .at, .ch, and .pl sites. For this reason, it is still really important to distribute your German and Polish speaking guests to HolidayCheck for a review. HolidayCheck remains the premier review portal for these regions.

Hotels from all of the world are still bookable through this site. Continue distributing your German and Polish speaking guests here. The more reviews you have on HolidayCheck the more visible you are for German and Polish guests.

What about my current reviews on the .com and .fr sites?

Unfortunately, HolidayCheck will not transfer reviews from the closing sites to the remaining sites. Reviews from those sites are lost.

How can I keep from losing reviews?

Avoid losing your reviews by only distributing German and Polish-speaking guests to this portal. Adjust any current distribution settings for your French and English speaking guests so they are not distributed to this portal.

What Customer Alliance is doing to help?

In an effort to do the best for our customers, we are doing the following to ensure you maximize your review potential on HolidayCheck:

  • Adding an information button on our backend reminding you of this adjustment
  • Removing the ability for you to generally redirect guests to this portal, it will now only be possible by language distribution
  • Allowing the language distribution to this portal only for the languages in use – German and Polish
  • Showing the HolidayCheck questionnaire in only German and Polish

Remember: collecting reviews on this portal benefits you greatly and increases the likelihood of guests from this region booking with you via the portal.

In a nutshell:

HolidayCheck is exclusively beneficial for your German and Polish speaking guests. Continue distributing those guests to this prominent portal to increase your presence in these regions.

Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager