It’s official, we’ve launched Booked – your hotel booking system!

For us here at Customer Alliance, this year was primarily devoted to our new hotel booking system. After months of developing and testing, we are thrilled to have officially launched Booked.

Our hotel booking system is designed to offer an easy booking and reservation management system to hotels and their guests. With the help of a Booking Widget, hotel guests can book directly on the hotel’s website, quick and easy – and commission free!

Of course, our new hotel booking system also comes with a responsive design. This means that the booking process is compatible with all screens, whether guests come to the hotel website doing a reservation from a mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

In creating our hotel booking system, we made sure to integrate all those functions that a hotel would particularly need when managing reservations, providing valuable insight into business rates and marketing potential.

hotel booking engine

In line with this, we’ve
  • integrated features to facilitate communications supporting hotels in following up with their guests before, during and after their stay.
  • included a real-time analysis of hotel bookings, providing relevant data about guests’ booking preferences, as well as helping hoteliers find easy solutions concerning availability management, price rates, and marketing strategies.
  • designed convincing ways to drive upsells via the website, helping to increase the overall property revenue.


Upselling has been the subject to a number of recent studies. Hotel upsells are critical to increasing business revenue while simultaneously enhancing the guest’s experiences. With this in mind, we’ve spared no effort in designing the upsell features, making them as subtle and efficient as possible.

And finally, we’ve made sure that the integration of the booking system is super easy, with a customizable Booking Widget and general design that can be adapted to the business appearance of your hotel website. And, of course, we can’t forget, Booked comes commission free!

Claim your independence from third party portals – with our hotel booking system.

It’s time to get Booked!