Improved excel chain reports – to keep the overview over the performance of all your hotels!

As a manager who is overlooking the success of a hotel chain or group, you have special needs when monitoring your online presence and reputation. It is important to keep the overview over all your hotels, not just the best- or worst performing ones.

This is why our 360° Review Management tool Review Analytics offers you one login for all your hotels. Entering your “Group Backend” allows you to view and analyse all the hotels belonging to your chain – both separately and all together as a group.

Facts and figures

Let’s face it, knowing all your facts and figures is crucial. Detailed and clear structured reports about your guest reviews are what you are looking for. So far, our reporting function already generates quality reports including your review-based KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and graphs, depending on your selected categories and time periods.

But it gets even better…

We are always aiming for the best possible reporting functions. So, by taking your requests into account, we came up with even more improvements. The excel reports for your chain or group now have a range of new functions, providing for more valuable information, clear results, a better overview, and less time-investment analysing your results.

Excel chain reports

What’s new?

Your excel reports overview shows your review count and average rating over the selected period, overall and individually. Next to the overview tab, the “Further Statistics” tab now also presents you with an overview of your ratings in all subcriteria. Here you can find their overall average calculation in the bottom row and last column, enabling you to compare the single hotels performances with the average.

Your chain- or group performance on the “Further Statistics” tab not only provides you with an immediate overview of the satisfaction tendencies of your target group, but also informs you which chain- or group members understand their target group the best and which will need assistance to prevent influencing your overall customer-satisfaction-index negatively.

By popular request, you will from now on also find your reports aligned vertically, so all the chain- or group hotels are visually structured in one row and the same order for all report tables. So, go for the improved overview of all your hotels: Check out your new excel reports in the “Reports” section of your backend!

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Nora Köstler

Content Marketing Manager