Internship at Customer Alliance

We were very pleased to welcome our intern Carolin over the past 4 months. She was a huge win for the team and very supportive on a variety of projects. Carolin spend the last 4 months within several teams at Customer Alliance which let her gain some important work experiences. She did not only work in the Customer Care Team, but also in the Sales and Marketing department. As the internship at Customer Alliance is now coming towards an end, I had the great pleasure to interview her on her greatest and most exciting impressions. We want to say a great “Thank you” Caro, for supporting us and we wish you all the best for the final stage of your studies.

How did you find out about us?

Whilst I was looking for an internship in Berlin and also wanted to work in an international environment, I did some research and finally found Customer Alliance. Thats why I was very happy to get the opportunity to complete my internship in several departments of the company.

Let’s throw ourselves back. How was your first working day?

I have the feeling that it was only yesterday… Time flies by! I remember that you showed me around the office and introduced me to everybody and I got a very warm welcome from all of you. I also got a really good training from the Customer Care Team.

What have been your tasks during your internship at Customer Alliance?

I was lucky to get the opportunity to work not only in one department but to gain an insight in multiple departments which I really enjoyed since it made me have many various tasks. This way my work never got boring but diversified. My tasks included amongst others the handling of customers’ support requests, arranging appointments with potential customers by phone as well as researching market data for several presentations. Furthermore I also got to contribute to the ITB’s preparation which I did enjoy. I could always do my tasks independently and still got the necessary support from my colleagues.

How did you like the atmosphere in our office?

The atmosphere is easygoing and relaxed. Everybody is really open-minded and friendly which I find very positive. I also liked the interculturality of the teams. It was interesting, working together with multiple nationalities.

As a conclusion, how did you enjoy the whole internship?

I really enjoyed the internship, especially the fact that all the employees and their ideas are involved. The company is even open to constructive proposals. According to this my opinion was always taken into account. I thought it was really nice, getting the opportunity to explore more than just one deparment as it made me learn a lot!

Maritta Günzel

Maritta Günzel

HR Administration Manager