Introducing: Our new Customer Experience Hub

We are very happy to announce that we will soon launch an exciting feature, which will help you to engage more with your customers and improve the customer experience.

Empower customer interaction

With our new Customer Experience Hub, you will be able to send out messages to your customers before, during and after their visit. In the messages you can include customizable questionnaires which will help you to collect check-in details, feedback for your outlets or departure information and many more valuable use cases.

Ask your guests for their billing address, room preferences, allergies or other details you might need before their arrival. This will help you and your guests to fasten the check-in process.

You want to make sure your guests feel comfortable during their stay and have everything they need?
Send them a short questionnaire during their stay. They will feel valued and get the chance to speak up in case something is not going well or tell you what they need.

Prepare a smooth check-out. In the morning nobody wants to wait at the reception desk to check out before having to leave after a delightful stay.
Ask an evening before if your guests need a taxi, late check-out or specific billing address.

With our new Customer Experience Hub you can do all of the above and even more.
Create your own questionnaires and decide yourself at what date and time you want to send it to your guests.