Introducing the New Questionnaire – Flexible, Strong & Beautiful

Today, we are introducing our new questionnaire – it’s more flexible, stronger and beautiful than ever.
Over the past few months, we have completely re-thought our questionnaire and the process on how to collect feedback & reviews.
This led us to identify three main areas in which we invested a lot of time and effort:

  1. Design and User Experience
  2. Flexibility & Conditional Questions
  3. Extended Guest Types & Language Handling

Design and User Experience

We really went back to the drawing board and rethought what it means to deliver a customer experience:

  • How can we make it really easy for the customer to leave a review?
  • How can we improve and simplify the usage for the customer whilst providing you with a nicer design and a strengthened corporate identity?
  • How can we actually make answering a questionnaire fun?

So what does this mean in practice? Well, that is really hard to describe. Why not just try it out yourself and give us some feedback:

Check out the new questionnaire

Flexibility & Conditional Questions

Setting up and editing a questionnaire has never been easier. There is no limit on what questions you can set up.
Need to dig deeper on a topic? Simply set up conditional follow up questions depending on the answer from the previous question.

Want to ask questions that only apply for a certain season? Now you can easily configure time-based questions and have a set of questions prepared for your summer season, Christmas or New Year’s offers and events, and collect specific and valuable feedback specific to this period.

Mandatory questions that always have to be included in the questionnaire are gone. Have you already collected enough answers for “Location”? Just deactivate the question and ask something else instead.

Our new sections and line breaks will help you to give the questionnaire a simplified structure and nicer look.

Extended Guest Types & Language Handling

Business or Leisure Travellers? There sure is more than just that! Go ahead and have a look at new extended guest types. Next time you check the stats in your segmentation section, you will find out more about how singles, couples, groups and families reviewed you. You might even find a strong target group for your business that you never had on your radar!
We will continue to enable you to send a nice email inviting your quests to fill out your personal questionnaire in up to 19 languages.
However, 19 languages is a lot of languages to know and maintain! Don’t worry. You can focus the questionnaire on the languages your typical guests and your team speak. The questionnaire can be configured to work only in the languages that are best for your guests and team.

Configure your questionnaire

Want to find out more?

We are very thrilled about the new questionnaire and curious about how you will like and benefit from it! Login now and explore our new features!

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