July 2014 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

New newsletter section and filter functions in the Chain Backend

Now it’s possible to manage and export the newsletter subscriptions for all hotels that are part of a chain in one single page

Individual reviews for bestday + pricetravel available

Now your review stream also displays reviews submited via and

New XML-Feed for the integration on your website

Additionally to the XML-Feed of your CA-reviews, now the statistics for external portals are also available in XML format and can be embedded on your own website. To get the new XML-Feed please contact our support-team.

Usability improvement on your questionnaire settings

Now the order of criterias and individual questions can be changed via drag and drop.

New backend language available: Italian

Now all Italian hotels can use Review Analytics on their mother language

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant