More languages for more reviews!

We’re excited to be offering 3 new languages for the Review Analytics frontend. With the new languages Chinese, Japanese and Arabic, you’ll now have the opportunity to get more of your past guests to leave reviews, as well as to reach more potential clients across the web and to expand your customer base.

What is the Review Analytics frontend?

Your frontend refers to everything that is visible to your guest. In a nutshell, your Review Analytics frontend combines the touchpoints of your (potential) guests with your reviews. Pre-stay, this means the Widget on your website and your certificate page, which shows the reviews. During their stay, gather immediate feedback with the Instant Survey. Post-stay, you have the post-stay email inviting past guests to leave a review and the Customer Alliance questionnaire they receive along with it.

Before the stay – using your frontend to attract guests and secure more direct bookings

The Widget and certificate page permit you to integrate authentic reviews to your website. In this day and age, prospective guests want to read about other guests’ experiences before making any decisions. Even if they stumble across your website and like your hotel, chances are that they’ll feel the need to go look for reviews elsewhere. They’ll probably end up on an OTA, where they’ll see you listed next to your competitors. This means they might book with your competitors, and if they do still decide to book with you, their reservation ends up costing you in commission fees. The widget and certificate page help you keep guests on your website by providing them with all of the information they need.

After the stay – improving your online reputation by following up with your guests

Your post-stay email gives you the opportunity to follow up with guests after their stay and encourage them to leave a review. As most hoteliers will be very aware, the guests most likely to leave reviews are generally the extremely displeased or extremely delighted. Many guests who have, in fact, enjoyed their stay, won’t leave a review without a little encouragement and reminder to do so. Your post-stay email gives you the opportunity to do just that! And with your customized Customer Alliance questionnaire, you can receive feedback on the aspects of your hotel that are most important to you.

These reviews are automatically displayed on your certificate page, which sets the process in motion again and attracts more new guests!

Why the new languages?

More languages mean that more guests can leave reviews and more potential guests can view those reviews. With the new Chinese, Japanese and Arabic options, you’ll be able to get through to many more guests and open up your hotel to important international markets!

This means that you’ll be more visible across the web and that you’ll increase trust in your website on a wider scale – all things that will help you attract guests and get more direct bookings!

Let’s check it out!

Take a look at what your frontend features will look like with these new languages. We’ve adapted the design to correspond to each language’s readability – check out the results!

Your Widget and Certificate page:


Your post-stay email:


Your questionnaire:


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Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant