Meet Kash @ the World Travel Market 2015 in London

Here at Customer Alliance, Kash Patton is the Country Manager International and in charge of the new Global Cities Department. As such, he is especially excited about our involvement with the World Travel Market London (WTM), this November 2nd to 5th, in London. We had the chance to talk to him about expectations, goals and aims of this participation:

This is Customer Alliance’s first year at WTM. What do you look forward to with this participation?

Kash: This first attendance coincides with the launch of our new department, which I will be heading up – Global Cities. We’re looking forward to expanding our markets, and WTM is a great place for us to start doing that.

Since our official start in 2009, thousands of customers in over 35 countries worldwide have been able to improve their processes with our solution Review Analytics. Our goal is to help hotels manage and gain control of their customer relations and online reputation.

Review Analytics collects, integrates, distributes and analyses customer-centric data for hotels, simplifying their review management and reputation analysis. By working with Review Analytics, hotels can increase their visibility, build trust in their own site, and analyze their performance – which then enables them to attract more customers, increase their conversion rates and get more commission-free direct bookings through their own distribution channels.

We are constantly developing our product further, in order to offer our clients the best possible solution for hotel review and reputation management. We appreciate every opportunity to communicate with the hoteliers who use Review Analytics and get some feedback. It will be exciting to talk to customers in person at WTM to find out what we can do next.

Can you tell me more about the new Global Cities department?

Kash: We’re in the process of putting together an English-speaking team to work with hotels in international cities. Up till now, our primary focus has been on the DACH countries, France, Italy and Mexico. Now, with more and more internationally based hotels becoming our customers, it’s time to expand our reach.

With this new department we’ll have the ability to focus on these clients as they deserve, put more energy into figuring out what it is that they specifically need, and evaluate how we can make these cooperations more successful.

You’ll be in the Travel Technology section of the WTM. What would you say is the relevance of travel technology in today’s travel market?

Kash: Travel technology is a relatively new element in the travel market, but it has already become indispensable to travel, and thus to the travel industry. We could even say that it’s become central to the dynamics that exist between hoteliers and travellers. The way we travel, the way we plan our trips, the way we book… all that has notably changed with the new technology of the past 10-15 years. Even just the past 5 years!

We work with the hoteliers and business owners at the heart of the industry, and our clients are themselves directly affected by the travel technology aimed at travellers. Our review management tool, Review Analytics, is a direct response to the OTA’s and online review portals that have emerged, and the need for more direct bookings comes from the fact that travellers are using travel technology.

The nature of travel itself is changing because of new technology, so the hospitality and tourism industries need to change as well, and find their own technology in order to take part in the game. We’re happy to make our contribution to this field with Review Analytics.

The World Travel Market London is just around the corner and Kash is excited to talk to you about how you can more easily manage your hotel’s online reviews and get more direct bookings. So schedule an appointment now and meet Kash at booth TT268 in the Travel Technology Pavilion:



Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant