How to Deliver a Seamless Guest Experience and Drive Revenue with our Feedback Forms

Guest feedback is extremely important for hoteliers. On the one hand, it provides an insight into the expectations and demands of guests and how these can be fulfilled or even exceeded. On the other hand, it helps to optimize internal processes and procedures in order to offer an even better service. 

But during the entire guest journey there are various other touchpoints at which you should interact with your guests. Our feedback forms are the perfect tool for that. For example, ask your guests before their arrival whether they would like to make a reservation at the spa or order a bottle of champagne upon arrival in their room. Or ask your guests explicitly how satisfied they were with the breakfast. This not only gives you the opportunity to up-sell, but also provides you with concrete feedback. Use the feedback forms to better anticipate the expectations and needs of your guests in order to create an all-round pleasant stay. We will now explain how you can best use our feedback questionnaires!

What can I use the feedback questionnaires for?

Our questionnaires allow you to interact with your guests at different times during the guest journey. Because in addition to the feedback you receive after their stay, it is just as important to exchange information with your guests in advance as well as during their stay in your hotel. We have compiled a few examples why you should make use of our feedback forms:

…for the pre-stay communication

With a pre-stay questionnaire, you can request all relevant data from your guests prior to check-in. Having these data already in the system, the waiting time at the front office will be reduced as guests only have to pick up their room key. Or let guests select the dinner menu in advance and ask for allergies or intolerances. Some hotels also offer the possibility of opting out of daily room cleaning before guests arrive – good for the environment and a cost saving for you.

….for upselling

A pre-stay questionnaire is ideal to ask guests whether they would like to make a reservation in your restaurant or book a treatment in the spa. Or what about offering a higher room category or a bottle of wine or champagne upon arrival in the room? As you can see, there are many options to generate additional revenue. 

…for the during-stay communication

Guests can address any issues in their room very comfortably with a maintenance questionnaire

via smartphone or WLAN. Whether broken light bulb or dripping tap, as a hotelier you have the chance to react in time, before you might receive a bad review afterwards. All inquiries will be collected centrally and can be processed in a structured way by the team. 

…to improve offer and service

It is all about asking the right questions! If you already have a clear understanding of how guests feel about the location of your hotel, it is time to ask other questions. For example, what about the breakfast? Has it been rated negatively more recently? Then investigate and ask your guests! “What exactly did you like about breakfast?” and “What exactly didn’t you like?”.

Are you planning to expand your spa area and you are unsure which offer your guests might enjoy the most? Then you should ask them with the help of a feedback form. “Which sauna would you like to have in our spa – BIO sauna, Finnish sauna or a steam bath?” You will receive concrete feedback and at the same time your guests will feel appreciated. 

Where can I find the feedback forms?



  1. First, click on “Settings” and then on “Questionnaire” in your dashboard.  
  2. Here you will find the review questionnaire that your guests will receive after their stay. Below you have the possibility to create more internal feedback questionnaires. 
  3. Simply click on “Add new” and a pop-up window with a selection of templates will open. You can choose between a blank template with which you can start from scratch as well as templates with preset questions, e.g. for breakfast, restaurant or a reservation in the spa. 
  4. Once you have selected a suitable feedback form, you can edit it directly. Remove or add questions, or change the design. 
  5. You can access the replies from your guests by clicking on “Stream” in the left menu bar and then on “Feedback“. With the filter at the top right corner, you can choose to only view the feedback of a specific questionnaire. 

We hope that you enjoy our feedback questionnaires allowing  you to interact even more effectively with your guests! If you would like to find out more, our team will be happy to help you. 

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