Never stop improving: single login for Customer Alliance products

Our mission is to give you full control over your reputation and bookings. As part of our mission, we recently launched our Hospitality Control Panel providing our clients the best solution for managing their online reputation, bookings, and revenue through our products Review Analytics, Booked, and Price Analytics. As always, we introduced Control Panel as part of a greater improvement. In the coming weeks, the single login will take Control Panel one step further, allowing our clients to access Booked and Review Analytics through one interface, simplifying the navigation between solutions.

How it works

You login from the same screen with the same credentials, then navigate between the solutions by simply clicking the logo dropdown at the top of your screen.

Single login is aimed at improving the accessibility of our solutions and streamlining your workflow.

Stay tuned: our responsive redesign for Review Analytics is coming soon! The responsive redesign makes Review Analytics easily accessible from all devices – mobiles, tablets, and desktops; just like Booked.

Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager