New year, new features for Review Analytics

Hello and Happy New Year!

Here at Customer Alliance, we’re kicking off the new year with a newly improved Review Analytics for our customers. The new features we’ve implemented make it even easier for business owners to analyse and understand both their customers’ reviews and their own performance. Here’s what’s new on the Review Analytics backend:

  • New date filter in the “Overview” section: business owners will now filter all the visible statistics of their “Overview” by time period, for a more comprehensive analysis of their performance. All statistics shown are now dependent of the date filter.

Review Analytics: new date filter777


  • New comment rates column on the “Overview” table: business owners can now keep track of exactly what percentage of their customer reviews they are responding to.

Review Analytics: new comment rate column


  • New comparison line in the “Average rating of new reviews over time” chart: The new comparison line enables business owners to compare their current performance to their performance at any other point in time.

Review Analytics: comparison line


  • Redesign of the “Questionnaire sub-criteria” table: we’ve implemented a more visual chart of sub-criteria ratings. The chart visually divides reviews into positive, neutral and negative, giving business owners a better understanding of what they’re doing well and what they need to improve.

Review Analytics: subcriteria details


  • New “Review ratings over time” chart: this new chart enables business owners a better, more immediate understanding of what customers are saying about them, visually dividing reviews into positive, neutral and negative.

Review Analytics: positive reviews


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Moritz Klussmann