Google and Images: From Panoramio to Google Carousel

Images are considered to be the most important content throughout the internet. Thus, it is no surprise that Google has been creating tools focusing on pictures such as is Panoramio, Picasa(web), Google+ and Google images search.

Panoramio – Source for Google Maps

Anyone creating interesting and relevant content from his city or region including individual photos should take a look on Panoramio. This service works as source displayed on Google Maps. If you then share great photos and link them into Panoramio, chances are severely increased to be found on Google Maps later on. Potential guests doing research on their vacation area could eventually come across you and your hotel when finding your pictures.

Photos in Google+

If you are running a business website via Google+, you should also implement a certain amount of images. Due to the integration of Google+ posts into Google Search results (Project name “Search, plus your world”), your hotel’s last Google+ post will be shown if performing a hotel search – including photos of course.

Google Carousel

This one might interest you as well: “Google Carousel”. In a close future, search queries will not only provide you with classical text-results and the according map section next to it. Large images will be displayed at the top of the page. They derive from Google+ Local posts and are ought to keep the user within the “Google System” for one additional click. We all know about the “power of images”. Thus, what will be important within the future becomes clear: great pictures that encourage the user to click on your site.

Google Maps Business Photos

For sure, you already used the StreetView option on Google Maps, that gives you a detailed panorama of a precise place. The same is true for indoors. Via “Google Maps Business Photos,” hotels are able to directly display panorama views on Google Maps, Google+ Local to show it within Google Search. By doing this, potential guests could take a very precise glance at your hotel. This would build up their trust in your company and increase your chances to get direct bookings. If you are interested in this, you need to look for a photograph certified by Google.

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