Your pool? – Stories from the worst hotel

Last week, I experienced a very weird hotel story. Seeking to escape the -10° at home, I booked a hotel somewhere in the South Seas at a bargain price. Landing on this beautiful peninsula, I was well received by pleasant weather and a lot of sunshine. Eager and happy anticipation was written all over my face at this very moment.

It was at this point that good news ceased abruptly. I was kind of confused by the location of my hotel, which – after an endless journey – turned out to be lost in the countryside very far from the beach area. “This is not a hotel, this is a tin shack on barren soil” was the first thing that came into my mind when I discovered this most desolate place, miserably built up in the middle of nowhere. Talking to the woman at the reception asking her about the nearby beach, as mentioned on the website, she seriously just replied: “I am sorry, that’s a mistake. We’ve wanted to change it for a long time.”

Meeting her with disbelief while lost for words, she at least tried to save the day when bringing up the hotel pool at the backyard. However, take a look at what she tried to sell as a “pool”. There was barely any water in it andit seemed they hadn’t refreshed it for years, if not decades. Sun loungers were as old and dirty as everything else at this degrading place.

That’s outrageous! I was so shocked I left demanding my money back and swearing to myself to never again be so dumb as to book a hotel without reading any reviews first! However, I will help others not to do the same mistake. Wait and see my reviews you guys… You’ll reap what you sow.

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