Get even better guest feedback with your optimized “Questionnaire designer”

As most hoteliers will know, much can be gained from guest feedback. However, getting specific feedback about the topics that most concern you can be tricky. This is where the Review Analytics questionnaire comes into play – you can make sure you’re asking your guests the questions which you want answers to!

What’s my “Questionnaire designer”?

The improved questionnaire designer makes it even easier for you to set up your questionnaire by presenting your options in a more concise way. You now have three tabs: one for your general settings, one for your questions, and one for your “Thank you” page.

Questionnaire designer

Use your general settings to determine which options you want your guests to see when they’re filling out the questionnaire. Do you want to offer a newsletter sign-up option? Should questions rated on a 5-point scale also have comment fields for guest’s comments? Do you have conditional questions, dependant on previous answers? Set it all up in one place!

In the new “Questions” section, your private and public questions have been merged onto one page. This means that you’ll add the questions meant for informational purposes (whose answers won’t be included in your hotel’s rating) along with the rest of the questions.

Add as many questions as you want, set up conditional questions, determine whether or not they’re mandatory, and so on.

Add question – Questionnaire designer

A clearer setup for a better questionnaire will get you the guest feedback you need to improve your performance! Check out your questionnaire settings to see what it’s looking like and test it out.

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Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant