Reach more customers through texting! We’ve optimized the invitation process by texting review invitations


We’ve optimized the invitation process with text messaging review invitations

We have added text message invitations to your online backend so you never miss a review opportunity. We heard your requests for more ways to invite your guests to review and we delivered. You can now invite your guests via email or texting.

The feature enables you to optimize your returns by inviting via text messaging those guests for whom you do not have an email address or vice versa: inviting via email those guests for whom you do not have a mobile number.

The choice is yours!

The benefits

With this feature, your opportunity for reviews has increased. As we are constantly reminding you: More reviews leads to increased visibility, which brings more clicks, more bookings, and more revenue. Plus, this helps you acquire a review from guests who book without providing their email address. The text message invitation feature, in combination with email invitations, maximizes your return rates per review invitation, which maximizes your booking and revenue potential.

How it works:

Within your “Guest” settings follow these steps:

  • Go to “Invitation Settings”
  • Choose the primary channel from which you would like to invite guests: either email or text messaging. By default, email is chosen.
  • Choose how to invite your guests based on their contact details that you have – email and/or mobile number.Note: you can choose to “do nothing” should you not want to purchase a text message package. We strongly advise when activating texting you choose to send via email when the mobile number is not available or you exceed your text message package to maintain the best return rates possible.
  • Select your text message package, note these packages auto-renew on a monthly basis and will be invoiced to your main account
    Lite, 100 texts
    Basic, 250 texts
    Plus, 500 texts
    Premium 1,000 texts
  • Navigate to initial invitation settings to adjust the text of your text message invitation
    We have chosen the optimal text. You are only allotted 140 characters
    include the link to review, which is the reason for the brief text.
  • Likewise, adjust your text for reminder invitation.
  • Start inviting!

In order to invite guests via texting, you must include their mobile phone number, including country code, during your guest import. If you do not include the mobile phone number including country code, the guest will not be eligible for invitation via texting.

Your updated Invitation Settings:


Your updated Invitation Content Settings


Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager