Remind guests of pending review invitations with the Re-invitation function!

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With your success and return-rates in mind, we implemented the re-invitation function into Review Analytics’ backend. Now, if guests do not engage with your initial invitation e-mail, you can send a re-invitation reminding them of their pending review!

At Customer Alliance, we recognize consistency is key when you are contacting people. Some people respond best while the stay is fresh in their mind, and others when reminded at a later point. Ultimately, we want your questionnaire return-rates the best possible and offering the reminder e-mail option increases your response potential.

We know a our better-than-average return-rates are nice, but why settle for nice? At Customer Alliance, we believe in “better than yesterday.” We took this belief and boosted the success rate of post-stay questionnaires by adding the re-invitation option.

What exactly is the re-invitation?

The re-invitation is a second e-mail, composed by you, reminding the guest to complete the review questionnaire received after their stay. You control whether a reminder e-mail is sent, the content within, and the delivery timeframe. You choose to either manually manage your re-invitations or automate the process. The new function can be turned on or off at your discretion.

What does this mean for you?

Well, more reviews, of course! In turn, more reviews generate a stronger online presence; which, broadens your customer-base and, in effect, increases your overall revenue.

What is different?

Your backend had a tune-up. We optimized the Invitation Settings screen for the re-invitation function. Upon enabling the re-invitation, you can edit and adjust the content and settings for the re-invitation.

We heard your requests for this feature, researched the best practices and approach, and are now very excited to introduce the re-invitation feature into Review Analytics.

Don’t miss an opportunity to boost your visibility!

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Re-invitation function

Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager