Out with the old, in with the new- Review Analytics Widgets update!

With the New Year, we like to say “out with the old, in with the new.” Especially new are our JavaScript Widgets in Review Analytics! Your Widget now moves with your website visitors as they navigate your page- keeping your reputation in their sight.

What does this mean for you?

An updated Widget Generator! You determine when your Widget appears on your website, on which side of the screen your Widget appears on your website, and you specify what exactly you want shown within the Widget.

Conversion oriented:With our new Widgets, the Customer Satisfaction Index is visible at all times as an overlay on your website. This provides guests more chances to click on your Booking button.

Displaying the Widget with your reviews improves client-trust in your website authenticity.

But most importantly, this Widget update increases the visibility of your customer satisfaction index and respectively the potential for more direct bookings.

Why did we do it?

The tech side: Until now, Widgets were integrated as a .png images, static and stationary on your hotel website. Once your webmaster decided on a position or color, it remained until he or she applied a new change.

The new Widgets use JavaScript and are more interactive – which allows guests to rollover it and see more details about your hotel; better still, you can update your preferences on your own after the Widget is installed on your website. This saves you and your webmaster a lot of time and offers a better user experience to your visitors.

Check out the update now!

JavaScript Widgets

Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager