September 2014 Product Updates

We are excited to share the product updates implemented throughout the month!

New design and improved usability for your Facebook chain App

Now your Facebook users can navigate more easily through your Hotels reviews. No matter if your Chain has 4 or 200 Hotels, your potential guests will always have an organized overview guided by each Hotel’s logo, Customer Satisfaction Index and booking button.

They can also filter your Chain reviews by language, type and which Hotel it was given to. Additionally, your users can choose to see all your Hotels informations displayed on a single page.

New design and more information in your email notifications

From now on, your email notification brings more detailed and better visualized information directly to your inbox.

In one simple overview, you can read all of your reviews text and detailed criteria, as well as the number of new reviews received on Customer Alliance and external portals.

This will keep you up to date about your Hotel or Chain’s reputation status and give you quick access to answer to each specific review from your online backend.

New sheet available on the Excel Report: yearly overview

There is now a new yearly overview sheet available for the Excel report. It shows detailed monthly statistics for this year and yearly statistics for previous years.

The XML API has been updated

Reviews can be now ordered by review rating (ascending or descending) and by date (ascending or descending). You can also show reviews between custom date ranges.

The API can return reviews before a given end date, after a given start date or between two dates. It can also return all reviews since a given number of months ago (i.e. show all reviews since 48 months ago).

Additionally, you can specify the number of results to return in a request – which is very useful for pagination .i.e show 10, 20 or 50 reviews.

To make use of the new XMP API features please contact the support team for further details.

Usability improvement on the Review Stream

Now your Holidaycheck reviews can be viewed directly in the Holidaycheck portal, within one click. The link in “Details” at the top left leads you directly to the specific review.

Extended login possibility on your In House Feedback

From now on, all Review Analytics managers can grant access to other users, so that they can login on the In House Feedback. You can find this option under the “User management” section and update their permissions at any time.

Quality seal (widget): design update

Since August, our customers have the possibility to design their own widgets and customize their elements, size and header color.

After a month of time to replace them manually, we automatically updated all of the old ones, to extend its benefits across all hotels. The only exception are the ones with 50px height, that will be updated within the next weeks.

You can customize your own quality seal (widget) under “My account” section.

New language available for the Holidaycheck-questionnaire: Spanish

The Holidaycheck questionnaire is now available in Spanish.

Distribution section update: Trivago-redirection has been assigned to Customer Alliance

Due to a change of the Trivago policies it is no longer possible to leave reviews on the portal Trivago anymore. For this reason, we have removed Trivago from the Distribution settings and redistributed any previously assigned Trivago percentages to Customer Alliance.

We hope you enjoy the updates!

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Roxane Le Corre

PR & Marketing Assistant