Simplify your reputation management through our To-Do module

Facilitating your review management just got easier with our to-do module in our online backend. You can set to-dos for your users to follow-up on a Review or Insight, or just create general reminders for your team regarding reputation management. This feature enables you to distribute the responsibility for your reputation management and focus on the more urgent tasks through simple and efficient task management.

How does it work?

For starters, you – the admin user – determine who has the rights to view, create, or manage your to-dos. From there, you can create to-dos via the to-do widget in the header of your backend. An overview of all to-dos is available via the to-do widget as well. Within the overview, we created filter options for all, open, and completed to-dos. This offers insight into which to-dos are or are not handled.

A to-do can be linked to the Insight or Review from which it is created. For example, you create a to-do from an Insight, then your assistant logs in and sees this to-do and when he/she clicks the link he/she is taken directly to that Insight. The same logic applies to Reviews.

At the Chain level, you can assign to-dos to sub-accounts within your Chain or maintain them in your general overview. To-dos based on Insights or Reviews automatically assign to the appropriate sub-account unless you determine otherwise.

The to-do module is only available for Premium Accounts. Talk to you Customer Care Representative today.

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Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager