Looking back on 2014 social trends, what’s next?

Another year has passed – again – and as time goes by, new social trends come and go. Do you find it’s getting harder and harder to determine what those social trends are? When and how did they emerge? And why? Am I really already old school because I keep using twitter and facebook? Ok, let’s take a deep old school breath and look back at 2014.

To keep it short, it has been the year of mobile messaging, clouding and videos. As the internet visionary, Fred Wilson, stated on businessinsider, “the social media phase of the internet has ended… messaging is the new social media. In 2014, the mobile became the new tool of enlightenment – “man’s emergence from his self-imposed immaturity.”

We don’t use facebook groups anymore, we use WhatsApp. Viral communication has become more horizontal because more and more people are turning into multimedia experts.

This development has also substantially boosted youtube, already the king of internet videos. It seems that today, we no longer need to make the effort to describe things in written words. We just show how it works and put it online. And from there, whoever you are and wherever you live, you can see and learn from it, if you so desire.

This is also true for files in general. We tend not to save things on our hard disk; we put them in the cloud. Dropbox, google/one drive, Spotify, Netflix and so on have overcome filenames and the necessity to possess programs to open a .doc, .mp3 or .mov!

In a nutshell, we are constantly online and on cloud. People are socially evolving to teach themselves by using shared knowledge. We would rather connect with other individuals than absorb things that are put in front of us. Validated and shared experiences have become the Holy Grail of decision-making. We can see these social trends … everywhere.

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