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Since launching NPS scores in 2017, it has quickly become one of the most utilised questions by our customers. In fact, during this time we have collected over 350,000 NPS score responses via our questionnaire.

Whilst immensely popular, it was apparent that for many of our customers who owned a franchise or belonged to a chain of businesses, it was difficult for them to distinguish between the customer sentiment between their individual business and that of the brand which they belonged to.

Brand NPS score

As to be expected, the service delivered by a brand may differ from the experience an individual location from that brand.

For example, Apple* is one of the largest and most recognised brands in the world. They also have many retail locations in major cities – and the service received in each of those locations may vary. As a result, Apple may which to receive feedback on both of those factors and ask both questions within the survey after an appointment at their Genius Bar.

  • How likely are you to recommend Apple to a friend or colleague?
  • How likely are you to recommend the Apple Store at Oxford Circus to a friend or colleague?

This would allow for those at Apple responsible for their retail stores to monitor both how Apple, the brand, is resonating with customers, alongside each of their high street stores.

Likewise for independent hotel chain managers, it is possible for them to monitor the market perception to the brand which they belong to in order to evaluate whether their association with that brand is positive on their business or not. For example,

  • How likely are you to recommend Best Western* to a friend or colleague?

All of the reporting which you would expect are also available for the Brand NPS alongside that of the individual business.

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* Usage of the mentioned brands do not indicate that they are customers of Customer Alliance, but are for illustrative purposes only.