Announcing our new University Program

We’re excited to announce our new University Program in our first collaboration with hotel management universities across Europe.

We’ll be providing future hoteliers with a smart and thorough understanding of what their online reputation could do for (or against!) them, so that they enter the market ready to face the challenges of modern technology.

The Customer Alliance University program offers hotel management schools full access to our business software solution. Considering the influence of technology in the industry today, the relevance of a hotelier’s online presence and the potential impact of online reviews cannot be overstated. With Review Analytics, we provide hoteliers-in-training with the tools necessary to understanding and managing that reputation. They’ll be introduced to a proper system of collection, integration, distribution and analysis of online reviews – everything they’ll need for a shipshape online reputation.

In addition to free access to our software, we offer career partnerships, the opportunity to learn from our professionals, and of course full access to all of our knowledge materials.

Customer Alliance University Program

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Torsten Sabel

Torsten Sabel

COO (Chief Operating Officer) & Co-Founder