Welcome to the Customer Alliance Marketplace

At Customer Alliance, we strive to provide you the resources for gaining control of your business and part of this mission is giving you easy access to our partners and their solutions. Now we are connecting you directly with our partners through our Marketplace so you can profit from their solutions more easily.

We often receive requests via our Customer Care and Sales teams for who we recommend for different aspects of hospitality management from PMS systems to Channel Managers to consultants. With these suggestions, we furthered our partnerships with technology businesses across the industry for your benefit.

You rely on us to ensure you have more time for your guests and their needs. Our Marketplace is our way of reducing the time you spend researching solutions to improve the efficiency of your business and reduce the time you spend away from your guests on that research. Find the right partner for your business in the Customer Alliance Marketplace and rest easy knowing the best businesses are at your fingertips.


Looking for the right solution for your business? Check out the Marketplace at Customer Alliance and connect with the right businesses today!

Kelli McBride

Kelli Hinteregger

Product Manager