Break fast at the worst hotel’s breakfast

I know this feeling all too well! Where am I? Right, being on holidays, waking up in this strange small hotel somewhere far far away from home. Night was long. Sleep was poor. I definitely need to recharge my batteries!

What could one think of other than a nice breakfast? Bacon and eggs would be nice, maybe fresh orange juice, fruit and some sweets… I long for it, fighting my way out of the bed, taking a quick shower before heading straight to the dining area.

Worst Hotel

Hotel has not been all that convincing so far. Fairly cheap, rooms too dirty and humbly fitted – I am not so choosy, though. An average breakfast could make up for a lot right here. However, halfway there, my nose starts wrinkling due to the smell. I just can’t believe it, look at what is waiting for me:

Worst Hotel

I mean, are you serious? That’s not breakfast; that’s a criminal assault! Rotten bacon on nonexistent plastic plates? I am done; this is the worst hotel ever! Zero-point rating guaranteed!

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